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03 December 2012 @ 09:14 am

The three of us generally pair the same ships (except for a few like Mai pairing ChiiNon, and Macy pairing UmiChii and RyuuNon and Jan basically being neutral). The main pairing you should expect from this community is YamaShi. The three of us are actually the original admins of this YamaShi FB group.
The other pairs are the ones you see in the sidebar: OhgoJima, UmiChii, RyuuNon, ChiiNon, MariSaki, etc. Sometimes we do shuffle them up, just for kicks, but overall these pairings are practically married in our heads. There are also rare times when we invent new pairs (this is mainly Macy) but it's just for one or two fics and then it'll go back to the usual ones. Macy isn't fond of slash fics but Mai sometimes makes them. Jan basically is neutral about everything.
Mostly the characters we used are Johnny's and Horikoshi students. There are also others, of course; we have a variety of interests.

Ratings are usually from G to PG. If in the future, just to be sure, that we'll post higher than that then we will have to make it locked. In which, we're pretty sure it will be in the far future.

Rating Guide:
K/G = All Ages
K+/PG = Most Ages or Parental Guidance
PT/12+ = Pre-teen
T/PG-13 = Teen
We try to beta each other's fics when we can.

Messages from us:
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*Just click the arrow-looking icon beside the view for more fics.

*Our fics are tagged with our names: a: macy, a: mai, a: jan. there's also an a: danielle for macy's little sister.
04 February 2015 @ 05:48 am

Woah~ this place sure is dusty. /shot

Okay, I think it's been two years? since this fic's last update, and anything I say would just really sound like excuses, so I'll just say one sentence: LIFE AS A MEDICAL STUDENT SUCKS. I made the next two parts. But I think I still have to write about two more after that (but I just want to finish the story, kay. T-T)

Anyway, I hope readers of this fic are still there~ hope you remember this cause I barely can. /shot and hope you enjoy…  I hope it turned out okay. And it seems continuous to the last one. ^^; And part 5 I hope seems continuous with this one. /shot

Risou no Musuko SP
Author: macymacymacy
Pairing: YamaShi and others.
Genre: Family, Friendship, Romance
Rating: G
- unbeta'ed
-i did try to stick with the drama's canon as much as possible.
-italics and gray font means a flashback while just italics means the words are said in English.
-this is much shorter than the first 2 parts but that's because there's no other convenient way to divide this. I've written these parts as a oneshot so basically everything is written scene after scene and I'm having a hard time trying to separate them into parts. :))


PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

Previously on RnM SP:

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27 August 2014 @ 12:43 am
Title: He She: A Doll and A Dragon
Pairing: RyuuNon
Genre: romance, friendship
Author: macy
Rating: G
-Inspired by Alodia Gosiengfiao's (blackmage) 'A Doll's Life' photo.
-this is a little confusing, just please take note of the font color and the legends (bold, italics, normal, underline).
-actually an original story (posted in my wattpad), but think of it as a Ryuunon because they were kinda my model when writing this. :))


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Title: He, She: Emergency Room Heart to Heart
Author: macymacymacy
Pairing: none, actually, but i'd like my readers to think this is a YamaShi fanfiction so i tweaked it a little. /shot
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: G
this is in the same format as my He, She, but is completely a different story. basically it's a story unfolding from two perspectives. i don't know what to call them, but i just tag them as drabbles. lols.
-AU. this is not even a fanfic of bulldoctor. but just think of them as doctors.
-actually inspired by the Korean drama Emergency Couple and of course, my life as a med student.
-also posted (as an original story) in my Wattpad, if anyone's interested in my original fics (there are those in English and those in Filipino), please visit my profile! :D
-hope everyone enjoys!

Shida Mirai
Yamada Ryosuke


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08 April 2014 @ 03:49 pm
Title: Paracosm (Fanfic ver)
Author: macymacymacy
Pairing: YongSeo
Rating: PG15
Genre: Slice of Life, Friendship, Spiritual
- this is actually an original story i posted in my Wattpad account (kooridenka), but I realized it fits YongSeo so I made this version.
- obviously, this is AU. just think of this as a yongseo movie.
- this is actually just a two-shots, so this is the last part.
- the term 'boy' is used because in this story Yong Hwa and his friends are 18 years old and Seohyun is 16. that's the ages of the characters in my original story.

In Memory of my cousin, RJ


06 April 2014 @ 03:35 pm
Title: Paracosm (Fanfic ver)
Author: macymacymacy
Pairing: YongSeo
Rating: PG15
Genre: Slice of Life, Friendship, Spiritual
- this is actually an original story i posted in my Wattpad account (kooridenka), but I realized it fits YongSeo so I made this version.
- obviously, this is AU.
- this is quite dark. it's about lucid dreaming and i did my research, some of the things here doesn't match some of what i've read though. from what i've read, they say that if you blink in your dream, you would wake up, but that's not quite accurate... and i'm saying this out of experience.
- i am in no way promoting trying lucid dreaming as in my own experience, it is scary (researchers says it's completely safe, but still). i am not inviting anyone to contest that statement as well. it's just my personal opinion that it's scary. :))

In Memory of my cousin, RJ


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07 January 2011 @ 07:21 pm
Title: Future-san's Request
Pairing: OhgoJima
Genre: Crack, Fluff
Author: macymacymacy
-UNBETAed, random, and just LOL.
-A fic based on Hey! Say! 7's radio show.


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04 January 2011 @ 11:38 pm
Title: How To Fall Asleep
Pairing: Inoo x Yabu (Gen)
Genre: Crack, Fluff
Author: macymacymacy
Rating: G
Summary: Inoo just can't sleep!!!
-rushed, random, fail?
-first post this year is an InooBu fic! this is for Luna (dreamweavernyx ), just because. xD


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Title: Yong and Seo
Pairing: YongSeo
Author: macymacymacy
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life
-just my randomness because I love the Iya-Drew story. This is basically Iya-Drew story. The words for the “video” are the exact words from Iya-Drew’s prenups. I just thought it fits YongSeo perfectly. Even the vow and the promise are Drew’s so yeah, I don’t know if I should actually fill that ‘Author’ space.
-I wanted to use real photos as much as possible…
-words in color are not mine (except for three lines)
-photos and manips are not mine. 
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01 February 2014 @ 07:16 pm
Title: You Got It All
Author: macy
Pairing: YamaShi, OhgoJima
Genre: Fluff, Angsty-ish? though not really. this is very light compared to the first two.
Rating: G
-unbetaed. five-minutes-fic.
-sequel of Breath and When She Cries. there are spoilers here of those two fics, so if you're planning to read all three, read those two first. :)
-inspired by a Host fanfiction.
-i am not back. this is just something i could squeeze from my brain since i have extra time right now (cause I have flu. watta life.) anyway, i feel like haven't written in so long, so i hope this is okay. please tell me your opinions in the comments. thank you. ^^
-i used this title since the first prequels' are also from songs. :D


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