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21 May 2013 @ 04:47 am
286 [Horikoshi] Sinking Boat  
Title: Sinking Boat
Fandom: Horikoshi D Class batch 2012, implied OhgoJima and other pairings~
Author: macy
Genre: crack-ish-friendship-fluff.
Rating: G
-rushed. Just have to vent. /shot
-can stand alone though it can be considered a sequel of OhgJima's No. 1 Shipper.
-dedicating this for elixir08 just because. XD

"Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time"

--Falling Slowly

Mirai had reflexively removed the phone away from her ear. It really did hurt. But whoever was on the other line was still talking very fast and very loud that Mirai could hear him even with the distance.

"Raiya-kun?" Mirai had called, though she still held the phone away from her ears.

"NEECHAN!" Raiya called again. "WHAT SHOULD WE DO?"

"Calm down Raiya." Mirai tried to say, slowly placing her phone back to her ear. "Don't shout, and tell me slowly. What happened? Where are you? And are you crying?" Mirai asked worriedly.

Raiya is very much like and very close to his brother that he was basically part of their 3D gang during their high school years. Everyone from their class considers Raiya as their little brother. Mirai and Suzuka, in particular, are very fond of the boy.

"I'm at home." Raiya said, in normal tone-thank God. "I… There's nothing wrong with me. It's Niichan!"

"Huh? Why? Did something happen to Yuto?"

"He's in our room with Suzuka-nee and they…"

"What??? What's happening to them???" Mirai seriously didn't know what to think. What are those two doing that Raiya, a usually calm and level-headed boy, would be panicking like this?

"I think they're breaking up!" Raiya finally said. "Again!"

"WHAT?!" That was definitely not what Mirai was expecting. "BUT WHY??"

"I don't know!!!" Raiya, who sounded like he was panicking again, said. "But I heard Niichan saying Neechan is always nagging at him and that it's annoying, and Neechan suddenly said that it wasn't working out and maybe they needed to take a break. NEECHAN! What should I do???"

"Wait, calm down Raiya… Uhm, maybe it's just a disagreement. I think they just need to talk…" Mirai said, doubtfully. She really doesn't get it. She would never have imagined words like those coming from her two friends, and especially directed at each other. It was not like them. It was either they really just had a misunderstanding, or there have had been other problems they haven't shared with her.

There was a sound from the other line and Mirai listened as Raiya talked to someone else. Mirai barely heard Yuto's voice and Raiya's choked 'okay.' She faintly heard footsteps and then Raiya was back.

"What happened?" Mirai asked at once.

"Niichan… he just said Neechan's leaving and he's accompanying her out… He's acting like nothing happened but he seems… exhausted. Mirai-neechan…" Raiya said helplessly.

"Okay, here's what we do. Try and talk to your brother and I'll try and contact Suzu. And I'll try calling your Yama-niichan, too. Alright?" Mirai said.

"Okay…" Raiya said sounding defeated.

"Then, I'll call you later."


Once the call ended, Mirai tried to call Suzuka at once, but she wasn't answering her phone. This just made Mirai grew more worried. She tried again and again but she still wasn't picking up. Growing more paranoid and thinking her best friend was probably crying or something, she tried next to send a text message to her, instead.

'Suzu, I heard what happened. Are you okay? Please reply, I'm worried. Raiya's worried, too.'

Mirai waited and waited, but there was no response. She suddenly felt like crying, too. She didn't know if she should go to Suzuka's. She doesn't even know if she's home… She probably wasn't. When Suzuka has something on her mind, or is just sad, she usually takes walks. She had told Mirai before that that relaxes her.

She then tried to call Ryosuke, but he, too wasn't answering. Mirai remembered that NYC have an interview today and so, decided to also just send a mail to him asking him if he knew something about the whole ordeal.

Mirai didn't even notice that she was already making coffee--her comfort drink, for herself. And she wasn't supposed to drink one this week because she was on her period and she tends to get serious cramps. But she was stressed and depressed right then. She had remembered how it was when Yuto and Suzuka first broke up when they graduated. It was really bad. All the girls in their class set up a slumber party to cheer Suzuka up, but in the end, it became a tear-fest. She couldn't believe it happened again. After they had gotten back together (with Raiya's hard work), everyone was thinking that they were definitely for each other. Everyone was certain that in the near future, those two would have their happy ending together. But now… Why did they break up? Mirai knew how much they love each other, so why? And this being the second time, it somehow felt more… final.

Mirai found herself in their living room in front of the TV with her Fantasia (Mickey Mouse movie) DVD playing. It's as if her body went on auto-mode. She was just so depressed right then and Fantasia had always cheer her up whenever she's down. It doesn't seem like it's working right then though.

Frowning, she took out her Smartphone and took a picture of their television. She doesn't really know what she's doing. But she felt like she wanted to vent, so she posted the photo she took on her blog with the caption, 'enjoying my coffee while watching Fantasia.'

She was surprised when right after she posted it, someone sent a text message to her.

It was Nozomi.

'I-chan, are you okay? I just saw your post about drinking coffee and watching Mickey Mouse… :('

Mirai didn't know if she should smile because Non-chan really knows her so well or cry because she just has so many FEEELS right then.

She didn't reply but instead called the other girl.

"Noon-chaan!!" She said once Nozomi answered.

"I-chan! Are you okay? What happened?" Nozomi asked worriedly.

"Non-chan, it's horrible! Yuto and Suzuka… they… they just broke up!!" Mirai said, even shedding some tears.

"Ehhh??? Why??? I thought they're going fine? What happened??" Nozomi asked; speaking very very fast.

"I don't know. But Raiya heard them breaking up. He called me earlier. I tried to contact Suzu but she's not answering my calls or replying to any of my messages. I just wanna cry!"

"Oh my gosh, why does this have to happen? And you know how the two of them were when they broke up before. Oh my, what should we do?? Do you think we should go to Suzu's?" Nozomi asked.

"I don't know. She might not be home. You know how she is; she doesn't want anyone to see her weak side… I seriously don't know what to do. Raiya has yet to call me either. I told him to talk to his brother." Mirai said.

"Well, you know Yuto can be quite stubborn. Ah!" Nozomi suddenly said.

"What is it??" Mirai asked at once.

"I opened my twitter. There's a tweet from Suzu… it says 'We got it all, destined to fall. Our love was tragical.' This is just too sad!!" Nozomi wailed.

There was silence for a full minute, and then Mirai spoke:

"Non-chan. I'll hang up. I wanna drown myself in Mickey Mouse movies."

"Okay…" Nozomi said quietly, still very much shocked.

Nozomi hang up the phone and turned to her iPod. She was currently in the salon. She needed a new hairdo for her next work. While waiting, she had opened her phone's web and that when she saw Mirai's post. When she heard what Mirai said, she had immediately opened her twitter via her iPod. And now, she was just staring at Suzuka's tweet.

She still can't believe it. Among the whole class, OhgoJima was something of a constant. They've been inseparable since their first even though they only started going out on the second term of their second year. When they broke up before, everyone was shocked. It was ironic really that now that it had happened the second time, Nozomi was even more shocked. It was just… she just can't register it really happened.

She felt tears pricking at her eyes. Looking at Suzuka's tweet, it was clear that she still loves Yuto. It was really just so tragic.

Trying not to cry, Nozomi started typing. She watched as her new tweet appears on the screen.

'A story has three parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end. And although this is the way all stories unfold, I still can’t believe that this didn’t go on forever.'

There were lots of retweets and questions from fans. Nozomi tried to distract herself from the sadness she was feeling by answering them.

She was surprised when her phone suddenly rang.

"Hello?" Nozomi answered her voice cracking.

"Non-chan!" Shougo's voice said. "Are you crying?" He asked worriedly.

"I… It's… Shou!!!" Nozomi couldn't really say how she feels right then.

"Ah, Non-chan… what happened? I… well, I saw your tweet and we… We're… I mean, you… you're not breaking up with me, are you?" Shougo asked hesitatingly.

"NO!" Nozomi said at once. "No… that's not what it meant! We're not breaking up! But Shou~!"

Nozomi could hear Shougo release a sigh of relief. "What is it? What happened? Are you okay??" He asked.

"I'm not…" Nozomi said honestly. "Shou-chan, OhgoJima… they just broke up."

"Break-up..? OhgoJi---WHAT??" Shougo asked, completely taken aback. "Wait, why????"

"I don't know the details, but I know Suzu must be so sad right now. I can't imagine how she must be feeling. I mean, look at me, and I'm just her friend." She sobbed. "I… I just feel so lonely right now."

"Okay, I'll go there. Wait for me, kay?"

"Kay… thank you Shou…"

Kamiki and Shuhei stared Shougo when he had dropped his iPhone after reading something on the screen. Their friend has stumbled at trying to get his iPhone again and then looked at the screen once more and he just kinda… froze.

Next thing they knew he was hastily dialing a number and calling someone. The two boys listen as they faintly heard Nozomi's voice. They were still confused and they didn't really understand anything because they couldn't clearly hear Nozomi.

"What happened??" Kamiki asked, looking very alarmed. It really seemed like some sort of emergency happened.

"Yuto and Suzuka broke up. Just now." Shougo told the other two seriously. "I don't know the details." He added before either could ask.

He stood up and started arranging his things. "I'm going ahead. Non-chan's really sad." He said.

"Did she tell anything else?" Shuhei asked.

"Just that Suzu's very depressed right now. I'll talk to Non-chan. Ja."

Shuhei and Kamiki looked at each other as Shougo went.

"This is the second time, right?" Kamiki asked Shuhei.

Shuhei nodded. "As far as I know… And this is really serious, isn't it? Not like Jingi and Saaya's."

"It's definitely serious. I wonder what happened. Just the other day, Suzu was telling me she was excited to see Yuto." Kamiki said.

"So, was it Yuto who ended things?" Shuhei asked.

"Why would he, though?" Kamiki asked back.

"Do you think the others know?" Shuhei asked.

"Maybe we should ask them?" Kamiki suggested.

"That's a good idea. Try sending a group message. Just be sure not to include OhgoJima."

"Okay." Kamiki nodded. "Let's do that."

Kamiki started typing and after a few minutes he sent his message.

There was an immediate reply from Umika saying two words:


And then there was a flood of messages going in.


"SUZUKA!!!" Suzuka eyes widen in surprise when she saw her friends, Saaya, Chielu, Rima and Nako in front of her house. She had just gotten back from her quick detour to the mall. She had gone to the bookstore to buy a new notebook.

"Guys! What are you doing here?" Suzuka said, smile wide.

She was even more surprised when the four girls basically tackled her.

"Guys..?" She tried to asked.

"We heard what happened!" Saaya said tearfully.

"We're really sorry it happened." Rima said.

"You don't have to act tough. We're here to listen." Nako added.

"I'm gonna kill Bakajima!!!!" Chielu declared.

"Eh?" Suzuka could only say. "Why… are you like this? And Chielu, did Yuto do anything? Please don't kill my boyfriend." She said with a chuckle.

The four girls looked at her in confusion.

"You… you guys are still together?" Rima asked slowly.

"Yeah." Suzuka said. "I actually just came back from their house. I asked him to help me with this script I'm writing. It's for a project for uni… an indie movie about divorce. We didn't made much progress though. We were trying to say the lines to each other to see if it sounds okay, but I just don't feel the story yet so we'll try again next time. I don't really like how I worded the dialogues."

"Script??" Nako asked.

Suzuka nodded, smiling though confused at her friend's actions.

"But your tweet!" Rima said.

"Tweet?" Suzuka asked, slowly getting even more confused.

"About breaking up…" Saaya said.

"Ah, I was thinking it was a good catchphrase for the movie." Suzuka said. "What about it?"

"So, you didn't broke up with Yuto?" Chielu asked.

Suzuka blinked at them. "Uh, no…"


So in summary, this is just a fic about each student of 3D saying:


:))) also the reason for the title. xD

And this is basically what happened with me and my friends in the last 12 hours of May 10, 2013. (except for the last part with Suzu and the other girls because sadly, my friend and her BF really broke up. T-T)

PS. Yuto saying 'You're always nagging, it's annoying' is part of the script. Suzuka saying, 'it's not working out and they need to take a break' is about writing the script. :)))

elixir08: Chimo1elixir08 on May 21st, 2013 06:04 am (UTC)
</3 can't imagine Yuto initiating a break-up tho. SHOUGO *\(^o^)/* !! <--throws confetti for Shou-chan, for being a good boyfriend. /shot THANKS FOR THE DEDICATION ♥ I NEED THIS. I JUST NEED THIS. Otsukare~ PS. This is cliche but, your friend will find the right one for her :) maybe they're just not meant to be together.

Edited at 2013-05-21 06:05 am (UTC)
macymacymacy: yutomacymacymacy on May 21st, 2013 07:13 pm (UTC)
it's a beautiful thing~♥ xD
me too. haha. though in OhgoJima's No. 1 Shipper, i made him do so. /shot
I needed ShouZomi, haven't written about them for ages. :))
you're welcome~ :DD

i guess so... i'll try to move on. /bricked
but they were really perfect for each other!!!! /is truly a shipper at heart.