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31 December 2012 @ 08:13 pm
278 [RaiKo] New Year Promise  
Title: New Year Promise
Author: macy
Characters: Nakajima Raiya, Yoshida Riko, Yo Marius, Matsushima Sou, Kuramoto Kaoru. :)))
Genre: Friendship, Fluff, Crack
Rating: G
- AU!!! :)))) /shot.
-inspired by a chapter from Dear School Gang Leader


December 27

"How about this?" Riko asked, taking a doll from the shelves.

"Baka!" Raiya said exasperated. "You do not give boys dolls. You just don't."

"I don't see what's wrong with it." Riko said curiously. "I mean, it's accepted that girls can play with action figures or car toys, why can't boys play with dolls? Besides, I'm afraid my cousin will become too violent only watching Gundams and playing war RP games. I want to give him something not… barbaric." Riko said.

"Give him a play dough or Lego." Raiya said, rolling his eyes. "Don't give him dolls.”

Riko raised a brow at her best friend. "What is wrong with dolls??" She asked.

"That's not even the point." Raiya said. "You shouldn't let boys play with dolls. From a young age, you should teach him that girls aren't toys to play with." He explained.

Riko looked at him, a bit surprised.

"You said something really cool." She told him with a smile, as she returned the doll and instead took a box of Lego.

Raiya blushed and looked away. "Shut up." He said hastily.

"Let's just get the other gift." He said as he took the box from Riko and proceeded to the cashier. Riko giggled as she followed him.


Raiya looked around the store, though he didn't really know what he was looking for.

What would be a good wedding gift?

Riko had asked him to accompany her today to shop for a gift for a younger cousin's birthday and an older cousin's wedding.

Both the birthday celebration and the wedding will be held this coming week. Raiya was a little sad about that. It meant he wouldn't be seeing Riko again before the year ends.

He shook his head and looked at the girl besides him. He had to smile when he saw her softly smiling at something she was looking at.

"Riko, what's your New Year's wish?" He randomly asked.

"I'd want to be a beautiful bride."

Raiya's eyes widen as he registered what he just heard. He gaped.

"Riko! We're only 12 years old!!" He wanted to shake some sense to her.

"Ehh?" Was Riko's anticlimactic response. "Were you saying something?"

"You… wanna marry?? This year???" Raiya asked shock.

Riko suddenly laughed, hard.

"I didn't mean this year!" Riko said and pointed at something. Raiya followed with his gaze and saw it was a wedding dress in display.

"I was saying it looked beautiful." Riko explained. "I was talking of my general dream."

"That's your dream?" Raiya asked, a little calmer now. But he could feel his face heating up. Talking about wedding with Riko was just...

"Well, every girl wants to be a beautiful bride. That's sort of inherent to us." Riko said with a laugh.

"I think I'll just buy them a picture frame. I don't know what else to give to newly-weds." Riko continued saying.

"Ah, yeah. I guess that would be okay…" Raiya said, a little awkwardly.

Riko smiled at him and made her way towards the frame section. Silently, Raiya followed her.

Riko took her time choosing, once in a while asking Raiya for opinions. In the end, she just chose a simple digital frame.

As they went to the cashier, Raiya felt a little down. After purchasing that, they would be on their way home. And then they'd already have to separate.

Raiya offered to walk Riko home and Riko gladly accepted. Raiya asked her once more what she wished for the new year. They chat until they got in front of Riko's house.

"So, I'll guess I'll be seeing you next year." Raiya said. Riko and her family would be staying in Yokohama for the wedding until the 31st.

"We'll be back by morning of the 31st." Riko said, catching Raiya's frown. "Maybe we can go to the shrine together?" She asked him.

Raiya beamed at her. "Sure. I'll see you, then."

Riko returned the smile."Un!"


December 29

Marius sighed for the nth time. Sometimes he just can't stand to be with his family. Especially in gatherings like these. They were all just too hyper for his peace of mind.

Marius saw his mom making her way to him and immediately bolts for it. He was thankful it was very crowded and he could hide. The wedding hadn't started yet but there were already so many people.

He took a sit by one of the pews and tried to be inconspicuous. But just after about five minutes, his mom came and he wasn't able to escape.

"There you are!" His mom scolded. "The march would start soon. You need to get in line!" She told him.

Marius sighed in resignation. "Hai, hai…"

He let her dragged him towards the door of the church. And he went where she told him he should be.

He was a little startled to see a familiar face there.

"You'll be escorting Yoshida Riko-san, here, okay?" His mom said.

Yoshida Riko smiled at him and gave him a little bow. Marius felt his face heating up.

'She's cute.'

Hastily, he also gave her a bow in greeting.

"Ah, I'm Yo Marius." He introduced himself.

"Hai. I know who you are." Riko said smilingly.

"Oh." Marius said, and looked away.

Marius' mom perked up. "What's this? Marius, why are you so red? Are you okay?"

Fortunately, Marius was saved from answering with the wedding march starting.

His mom moved away, saying she needed to get the camera.

Marius let out a relieved sighed.

He was surprised when Yoshida giggled. He felt really embarrassed and felt his face heat up once more.

But Yoshida didn't comment. Instead she said, "Yoroshiku." And then held his arm.


Marius' mom took a lot of pictures and as such, it didn't go unnoticed to her how her son reacts to Yoshida-san.

And she couldn't help but flail.

"Oh my, they're so adorable!! Honey~! Look! Look! Our Marius is all grown up~!"


Marius noticed the stares too late. He couldn't believe he didn't notice it earlier. His parents and all his cousins were looking at him and Yoshida.

And Marius was seriously wishing he could just vanish.

He knew at once what they were on about.

The bride threw the bouquet and no one but Yoshida tried to catch it. And so, she caught it easily.

And then it was the garter tossing. But the groom, his uncle, laughed and without preamble, made his way to him and passed him the garter.

He could have died out of hyperthermia-- his whole face was burning. Actually, he wished he did. But he didn't and he didn’t have any choice but to place the garter on Yoshida's leg.

Both of them were so red. And redder still when Marius mom said, "You know what they say, the ones who got the bouquet and the garter would be the next one to be wedded."

"MOM!" Marius yelled. Overwhelmed of embarrassment. 'Kami-sama, if you're really there. Please just take me.'

"But you too look adorable, Hun. I'm sorry. But it's true." His mom said—er, gushed and squealed, more like. "Yoshida-san!" She suddenly called. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we can arrange an omiai for these two?"



December 31

"I am so so sorry." Marius said, pounding his head on the table.

"Er. It's hardly your fault." Riko tried to say. And then she looked at the clock and frowned. Raiya must be waiting for her. But how can she escape?


Raiya looked at his cell phone once more and frowned. Riko is late. Maybe they hadn't gone back yet?

Raiya pondered, but stayed by the gates of the shrine, anyway.
"Raiya-chan!" Someone suddenly called, and for a moment he thought it was finally Riko. But it wasn't. It was their other classmates.

"Sou, Kaoru…" Raiya waved.

"You alone?" Kaoru asked, good-naturedly.

"I'm waiting for Riko." Raiya said simply.

"Eh?" Sou said. "Is she coming? I saw her and her family in that fancy restaurant by the clubhouse."

Raiya's eyebrows furrowed. "What is she doing there?" He asked.

"Well, I don't really understand." Sou said. "I saw them as they walked in. I wanted to ask, but suddenly her dad said, 'Well, I never imagined we'll go to an omiai. And Riko is just 12…'"

Raiya stared at his two friends.


Raiya Grabbed Sou's collar, looking menacing. "TAKE ME THERE."


Sou, Kaoru, and Raiya looked over to the table next to them. It really did look like an omiai with the two families wearing formal dress. Riko was even wearing a kimono.

'What is this??? How come I didn't hear about any of this?? And who was that ikemen—' Raiya flinched as he admitted it in his head— 'sitting besides Riko??'

"Can you hear what they're saying?" Kaoru asked the other two.

The other two shook their heads.

Kaoru couldn't help but sighed. Not really knowing how came to be involved in this.


"Mom, they aren't serious are they?" Riko tried to ask her mom, feeling a little worried about the boy besides her. "It looks like Marius-kun wants to cry." She hissed, a little panicked.

Marius started pounding his head on the table once more, and Riko tried to pat him on the back consolingly.


Raiya watched as Riko touched the boys shoulder. She looked genuinely worried. She must like him, then.

And the boy… it was obvious he is well off. He's an ikemen and they look good together.

"So what's the plan?" Sou asked.

Raiya frowned.

"Riko told me…" Raiya started softly. "She said she wants to be a beautiful bride."

Both Kaoru and Sou gaped at him.

"So you're letting her go? Dude! We're barely out of preteens!!!"


"I'm really sorry. I myself aren't sure if my parents are serious but I won't let it happen, so please don't worry." Marius tried to tell Riko.

"Ah, hai." Riko said, still sounding worried.

Marius smiled at her.

And Riko couldn't help but blush.

There were a clatter from the other table and Riko was shocked to see Raiya. And Kaoru and Sou.

Raiya hurried to her and grabbed her hand.

He turned to Marius and then said, "Sorry. I can't let her go."

And then he pulled her and together they ran.

'I can't stand it if someone else saw her cute like that!!!' Raiya thought as they ran, with Sou and Kaoru following them.

After a while they reached the park close to the shrine. There were only a few people.

"Sorry I ruined your omiai." Raiya said as they slowed to a stop.

"Eh, no I--" Riko tried to say, but Raiya kept on talking.

"I know it's your dream to be a beautiful bride." Raiya said.

Both went silent. And then Riko felt Raiya's hand caressed her face. Riko could feel a blood rushing in her face.

"How about just being my bride..?" Raiya asked very, very softly.

Riko blushed. Raiya, realizing what he just said, also blushed. And Kaoru and Sou, feeling a little out of place, er, blushed, as well.

"Gomen na sai!" Riko suddenly said.

Kaoru and Sou could almost see the arrow that struck Raiya.

Suddenly there was a heavy atmosphere around them. And a dark aura was coming out from Raiya. And the two could almost read it: "rejected".

"Kawaisou." Kaoru said in a whisper.

Sou nodded.

"I'm sorry." Riko continued saying and the atmosphere got a little heavier. "I… you don't have to propose like that so you can help me out of my omiai."

The aura vanished, and Raiya looked at Riko.


"We're still twelve years old." Riko said. "You didn't have to do that because I told you it was my dream. You have to propose when you find that someone you really likes." She said, not looking at Raiya.

Raiya sighed in resignation and then hugs her.

"When we grow up, I'll ask you again." Raiya said and then kissed Riko's forehead.

Riko blushed beet red.

"Come on. We're just in time." Raiya said, pointing at the shrine.

"Un." Riko said, smiling, though still blushing a little.

"…so are they or are they not together now?" Sou asked Kaoru.

"I wanted to ask whether or not they are sort of engaged now..?" Kaoru asked in return.

"Er, they're like engaged to be engaged, I guess." Sou said.