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31 December 2012 @ 10:58 pm
279 [ShigeSayu] Strangers  
Title: Strangers
Pairing: Kato Shigeaki x Michishige Sayumi
Author: macymacymacy
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Rating: G
-unbetead, rushed.



It's been a while since they guests in Music Japan, so it felt somewhat new to him, as weird as it sound. It wasn't very different in other music programs, but they did have a different batch of guests lined up compared to the other programs they appeared at recently.

Backstage, staffs were setting things up as artists, managers and the like idle, waiting for the recording to start.

Shige sat on one of the benches close to the door, looking at people pass by him back and forth. Massu and Tego were sitting beside him, busy with their own worlds. Massu is listening to some music while Tego, leaning his head on Massu's shoulder, is looking up the ceiling seemingly half-tired, half-bored.
Shige realized Koyama wasn't near them at all. Searching around the room, he spotted him by the stage, talking to someone. He recognized that someone as Michishige Sayumi.

Nothing was really going through his head as he watched them. It was something Koya usually does. He just sort of talks to everyone. It's nothing to do with being NEWS's leader; he'd been like that since before. Koyama was just naturally friendly and a little nosy.

He blinked when both Koyama and the Momusu leader looked back at him. He wondered if they were talking about him, but dismissed the thought immediately. Koyama might be saying something about NEWS as a group, or they just felt his stare.

Koyama waved at him and Michishige-san gave him a little bow. A little perplexed, he returned the bow and gave a little smile.

The two went back to their conversation and Shige turned back to staring at random people.


Shige couldn't help but smile as he stared at the little fluffy guy. He felt a little sad that he couldn't actually touch him if he didn't want to have rashes or nasal congestion. It really is hard to be a cat lover and have cat allergies. He guessed he was stuck with Wagahai.

He hadn't notice that someone had arrived, and was standing just a foot away from him.

"There you are…" She said and Shige almost jumped. He looked sideways and realized it must be the cat's owner. She was also staring at the little guy.

With a blink, he realized she is also in disguise. He didn't need to look closer, he recognized her at once: Michishige Sayumi of Morning Musume.

She looked back at him and Shige could see the recognition in her eyes. She smiled and gave a little bow in greeting.

Shige returned it.

"Is he yours?" He asked, so as not to be rude and because he is curious.

He was surprise when she frowned. It was more of a pout actually. "No, she's my sister's." She said.

"Oh, it's a she." He commented.

Michishige smiled again and nodded. "I'd like to have a cat, too. But I'm allergic. It's hard to be a cat lover and have cat allergies." She said, looking back at Teal'ca.

"I know. I also have allergies." Shige only said. "That's why I settle for Wagahai. He's my imaginary cat." He said, without thinking.

Michishige blinked at him, perplexed.


Her white coat was a little drenched as she entered the café. Probably because the snow had started falling.

Her face was covered with her hat. And her shoes were a little muddied up.

And yet this person is the heroine of her own life story.

She may be the love of someone’s life.

And what she can do may change the world.

For a moment, Shige imagine being her.

He watched as she sat on a table a little close to his. She took off her hat but he still couldn’t see her face because she mostly had her back on him.

A waiter approached her and she took an order without looking at the menu. She must be a regular in that café.

As the waiter excused himself, this girl took out a notebook and her iPod. She wore her earphones and her head started moving to the unknown music.

She looked like she was thinking of something. She clicked on her iPod and then started scribbling. After a while, she clicked on her iPod once more and listened to the song. This repeated a lot of times.

'She must be composing a song.' Shige realized.

He blinked and realized he had been staring. Hastily, he turned back to his own notebook, and tried to continue his novel.

It was when he stood up and walked towards the exit when he turned back again.

And with a jolt, he realized that his heroine was Michishige Sayumi.


Shige mentally groaned when he saw the crowd at the train station. It was always packed during this season, and especially at this hour. He really should have left the jimusho earlier.

With resignation, he made his way while (bumping, pushing forward and clutching at his bag) towards the platform.

He managed to position himself close to where the doors would be.

The intercom announced that the train is coming, and Shige readied himself. It would be a battle to get on the train.

The train arrived and as the door opened, people started entering at once even though there were passengers who had yet to get off.

Shige forced himself in and suddenly felt very dizzy.

He bumped his cheek with someone's head. He felt as though he was punched.

Holding his left cheek --he was sure it would swell later (his makeup artist would kill him), he looked at who was in front of him and almost jumped seeing Michishige Sayumi holding her forehead.

For a split second they stared at each other. A fleeting, lasting moment. One person noticing another person out of a whole crowd of strangers.

And then the moment passed. They apologized at the same time and then Michishige got off and Shige got on the train.


Shige yawned as he waits for the stop light to turn red.

He was basically still half-asleep. But he needed to be early. They still have rehearsals for this year's Countdown.

Letting another yawn out, he moved together with the small crowd as the cars stopped.

Blithely, he looked up the sky, now feeling excited for the new year. He couldn't believe another year is ending.

He turned back to the crowd ahead of him and blinked when he saw a familiar face.

He rubbed his eyes, but she was gone.

In the middle of the moving crowd, Shige stopped and turned around, searching.

But he couldn't find her.

Shige shook his head and turned forward once more.

'Must have imagined it.'


Sayumi stopped, feeling as if someone was looking at her. She turned back to the crowd, but everyone was moving. No one was looking at her.

Shrugging, she started moving forward again. She didn't want to be late for their rehearsal.



Sayumi blearily opened her eyes to see the ceiling of her hotel room.

Slowly she sat up. She looked sideways and saw Erina still asleep on her own bed.

And Sayumi noticed it was still dark. She looked at the clock and she realized she'd only been asleep for at least three hours.

But yet she felt well rested. Even though it was just their New Year concert.

She remembered her dream and she felt a little more confused.

Why did she dream of NEWS' Kato Shigeaki? He is a stranger to her. Though in her dream, they seemed to be... friends. They were talking. Just talking. She couldn't even remember what about. But she remembered feeling content.

What would it be like to be his friend for real? Would she feel that way? Is it even possible to be real friends? Not just someone you know by how he is an idol?

Maybe even if they were real friends, he'd still feel like a stranger whenever he's on television or on a stage; the same with other celebrities she knew.

Sayumi looked up when she realized the sky that she could see from the window was now a lighter blue.

The sun is rising.

'The first sunrise!' Sayumi thought and beamed. She would be able to see the first sunrise this year.

Silently, she stood up from her bed and donned on her robe. Hastily, she went out their room and proceeded up to a higher floor, where she knew there would be a veranda.

She got there just as the sun appeared on the horizon.

She smiled, grateful that she woke up just in time.

Slowly she moved towards the veranda, feeling a little giddy. She hadn't seen the first sunrise for years now.

"Beautiful..." someone suddenly said. And Sayumi sharply turned.

Her heart started beating fast when she realized it was Kato Shigeaki himself-- who looked a little surprised as well to see her there. For a second she wondered if she was still dreaming.

'Johnny's must have stayed in this hotel as well.'

"Michishige-san..." He said timidly.

"Kato-san." She smiled. "Akemashite Omedeto."

Shige returned the smile. "Omedeto."

Silently, Shige walked towards her and together they watched as the sun fully rises.

"Jamais vu." Shige suddenly said.

Sayumi looked at him, perplexed.

He grinned a little shyly. "It's the opposite of déjà vu. Like every time you meet someone, you always feel like it's the first time."

Sayumi laughed. "For me it's déjà vu..." She said softly.

Shige looked at him questioningly, but Sayumi shook her head, refusing to answer.

This is what she'd dreamt about. It was the same.

"Can I be your friend?" She asked boldly.

Shige looked taken aback, but smiled almost at once, nonetheless.

"It'll be my pleasure." He said. Shige is definitely looking forward this new year.

Got to believe in magic
Tell me how two people find each other in a world that's full of strangers.

'Cause it's magic when two people fall in love


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