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17 February 2013 @ 10:51 pm
292 [Horikoshi] Horikoshi University #3  
Title: Horikoshi University
Author: macy
Pairing: horikoshi pairings~
Genre: fluff, friendship
Rating: G
-random. Unbetaed.
-it's the Horikoshi people but instead of being in high school, they're in college….
-happened at school last Thursday XD



Nako knew something must be up. She tried to think what it could be.

She looked down at her paper bag full of boxes of giri choco for her classmates. Maybe it's because it's Valentine's day? But what could the boys be planning? It wasn't unusual for boys to do romantic stuffs on this day, but coming from the densest boys she knew… hmm.

It looked like neither Hayato nor Chii realized she was behind them as they continued to talk. They were currently on the elevator, waiting for their car to arrive on the 7th floor where their Philosophy class will be held.

"I'm getting a little nervous." Hayato had said.

"Why?" Chii had laughed.

"Well, I want everything to go smoothly." Hayato said, also letting out a little chuckle.

"What could go wrong?" Chii said confidently.

The bell rang as we arrived on our floor and the elevator doors opened. I followed the two as they got out. And I saw their eyes widen in surprise when they saw me.

I smiled at them in greeting and walked forward. I am curious at what they're planning, and I don't really want to spoil it for whoever it was. From what I heard, it must really be a romantic  gesture for one of her girl friends.

I entered our room and sat on my usual sit. Mirai-chan was already there, sitting on a seat in my row--also her usual sit. Her head was lying on the desk, her face covered by her arms and ears wearing her ear buds. I wasn't sure if she was sleeping, but I moved carefully, just to be sure. Mirai is always tired these days.

The door opened once more and in came Chii, Hayato and now with Jingi. Chii had looked my way, looking a little wary. Then, he turned back to his friends and said something.

More students came and Mirai finally woke up (she really was sleeping). Most of my classmates sat around us, while those from other classes sat on the other side of the room. The boys, however, had sat in one corner of the room, away from any girls. If they were trying to be inconspicuous, they were sadly failing. Saaya had already asked whoever was near her what the boys were up to.

When it was only 15 minutes till classes starts, the boys had started sort of running everywhere. They were looking a little panicked. I've heard Yuto as they pass behind me, asked Kamiki 'did it already arrive?' I saw Yama-chan moved towards one of the technicians and talked to him. I guess they'll be using music or something. They are too obvious, I couldn't help but smile. I still wonder though who they are doing these for.

Our professor,  Lorenzo-san (she's a half), had entered the room/auditorium at exactly 8 o'clock and had started setting up her laptop. Almost everyone was already there and almost all the boys were on the last rows of seats.

I saw Kamiki looking around as if searching for someone. I looked around too, trying to see if anyone's missing. I realized two of my friends are: Umika and Non-chan.

And as if on cue, the door opened again and in came my two friends. They looked out our professor apologetically (Lorenzo-san just smiled at them) and made their way towards us.

As soon as they sat, all the lights came off. There were some screams of surprised. I on the other hand automatically looked behind the auditorium, but I couldn't see anything. Music starts (as I expected), and then a soft light went on. I finally saw the boys. All of them were carrying roses.

Now I really was excited, wondering who it would be. But then the boys started walking in separate ways. And then they started giving out the roses to each girl in the room. Shouhei had moved in front and gave one to Lorenzo-san.

I couldn't help but let out a little giggle, and feel very much touched. So it wasn't really for one particular girl, it was for everyone.

Hayato reached me and gave me a rose, looking a little sheepish.

When every rose was given, the music faded away, and the boys had said as one 'Happy Valentine's Day!'

The normal lights opened once more and our boys--as every girl in our class claims-- looked quite proud of themselves. And I guess, they could be this time.

Grinning, I stood up and gave them the chocolates I prepared for them.


ghiekaye_20ghiekaye_20 on February 20th, 2013 07:29 am (UTC)
Wow :)

This is sweet :)

I was giggling while reading this :)

Thanks for this sweet fic :)
macymacymacymacymacymacy on February 22nd, 2013 02:24 pm (UTC)
very happy you enjoyed reading. you're very welcome and thank you as well. ^^