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27 February 2013 @ 10:42 am
281 [YabuGawa] Two Body Interactions  
Title: Two Body Interactions
Pairing: Yabu Kota x Ogawa Tomomi
Author: macy
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: G
-inspired by a true story and a Harry Potter fanfic~ XD
-rushed, unbetaed.
-caused I missed Kou-chan's birthday. /shot
Disclaimer: Thesis not mine. :)


Year 2016

Ogawa Tomomi was not in the best of moods.

He'd promised her. He'd promised. He'd smiled and assured her that yes, of course they could meet now that their day offs finally finally coincided. And that of course he missed her too, and he'd be waiting for her in their usual restaurant.

And though she'd thought he sounded very tired when they last talked on the phone, though she'd been a little concerned about the vague tone his mails had taken in the last month, she'd never for a moment disbelieved him.

Until he'd failed to show up. He hadn't been waiting. He hadn't come.

She'd tried to call his phone but he wasn't picking up. She was worried. It wasn't like Kota to break a promise. She'd try calling his friends then, and luckily Inoo picked up. Her concern quickly turned to irritation as the pianist had tried to explain how 'Kou-chan' might still be in his condo, probably asleep because as far as the young architect knew, he was still working on his thesis proposal.

His thesis. Again.  

She just had enough of it. She could understand how the thesis was important for Kota as a university student but couldn't he—for the love of his fans, forget about it for one freaking day?? Just a few hours would do!  She had tried to ignore the feeling of disregard for too long now. She hadn't even seen her boyfriend for about a month now! They had last seen each other on Kota's birthday and it was already February 27. They didn't even meet on Valentine's because aside from that damned thesis, there's still that little detail about him being a very famous idol, and her being a musician. Having their day offs in the same day was practically a miracle.

And he stood me up for the freaking term paper?? And he'd promised me! He'd promised me would see me today!

Ogawa Tomomi had snapped.

Looking murderous, she had stomped out of the restaurant and hailed the first cab that passed by. She needed to talk to Kota.

They had reached Kota's condo very very quickly; the cab driver drove fast (it might have to do with the black aura surrounding Tomo).

She'd jumped out of the cab after paying, entered the building and quickly walked to the lift. She got off the elevator at Kota's floor –10th, and marched towards his room. She didn't even bother with knocking and just used the spare key Kota gave him and barged inside.

It was dark inside and very messy. Tomo closed her eyes and sighed, feeling some of the anger already melting away. Kota was just so hopeless sometimes.

"Kota!" She started calling, turning on the light as she goes. No one was answering.

Finally, she reached his bedroom. And when she turned on the light, it was to see Kota basically swimming in papers.

Tomo let another sigh out as she took in the scene. It was more than messy in there. It seems Kota had tried to do all work at once. His guitar was lying on the floor, his lyrics notebook near it and his laptop opened by the foot of the bed; His books from university was scattered all over his bed and Kota himself was fast asleep on his computer chair, head lying on his study table with stacks of paper covering his face from view.

She could feel the rest of her resentment fading away as she took cautious steps towards the slumbering idol.

She shook her head when she got a good look at him. He looked like he hadn't slept for days. There were bags under his eyes and his eyebrows were furrowed (in discomfort, Tomo guessed). His position didn't really seem comfortable.

Tomomi grudgingly let a small smile grace her lips. Sometimes she just couldn't help but want to mother Kota. He was just like a child every so often.

Tomomi walked towards the bed and took a pillow. She then walked back to Kota and placed the pillow behind him, on the computer chair and adjusted the chair’s back rest to lie a little more flatly.

Carefully, she moved him so he would lie on his back.

He must have been exhausted because he didn't even stir when she moved him. She moved the computer chair nearer the bed and lifted Kota's feet to rest on his bed. Then, she took one of the blankets and covered Kota. That was the best she could do. She knew she can't carry him to the bed or something.

She was a little startled when Kota suddenly started snoring. She stifled a laugh, but she was relief that it looked like Kota was properly resting now.

She looked around the room once more and decided that since she was already there, she might as well clean a little; Kota's room at the least.

She moved back to the study table. She felt some resentment come back when she saw Kota's thesis paper. There was a fleeting urge to gather and burn them, but it was just vindictive fantasizing on her part. She would never do that, no matter how irritated she is at her current situation. Besides, Kota really had worked very hard for it, and if she did burn it, he'd have to make it again, and that means more weeks of having no Kota-time.

She frowned at the thought and started gathering the papers. That was when she had seen Kota's calendar pasted at the side of the table. She had to smile when she saw today's date encircled and with the words: 'Today's finally the day!' written in Kota's handwriting.

Tomomi felt a little guilty. Kota was also looking forward this day.

Feeling as if some burden inside her were lifted, she'd started working more enthusiastically.

When she'd gather all the papers, she sat on the floor and tried to arrange them. There were pages on each of the paper so it wasn't very difficult. But when she'd finished, one page was left with her.

She looked at it and furrowed her brows as she realized it wasn't part of the thesis. But then again, it looked like a thesis paper. Was Kota working on two theses?

Tomomi started reading it. It was entitled, 'Two Body Interactions: A Longitudinal Study.'

Tomomi raised a brow when she saw the date. It was today's date, February 27, 2016. What does..? Was today this thesis' deadline? Should she wake up Kota?

She looked at Kota and sighed. She didn't really want to wake him up. He really looked liked he needed the sleep. She decided to keep on reading first.

A two body interaction is studied over an extended period of time in a variety of locations, and with a multitude of additional bodies. Additional tests are conducted in the later period of the study, and a summary of the studies’ results are presented. Finally, the prospect of continued study is evaluated.

Tomomi blinked. Maybe you should be a university student, but she didn't understand what she just read.

She shook her head and kept on reading.


It is widely acknowledge that in general, two body interactions are poorly understood.

Tomomi completely agreed at that statement. She skipped to the next part.

Overview of Results

Reaching a semi-bound state

The study began on the 23rd of March 2008,

Tomomi stared at the paper. That was a very important date for her. It was the day she and Kota met.

…began on the 23rd of March 2008, inside YAMAHA Music Store in Harajuku, when the subject spontaneously appeared in a red coat, white baseball cap and military boots.

Tomomi gaped. That was where they met. And that was what she was wearing that day. Just what..?

This meeting was under optimal conditions, as it happened to be the rainiest day of the year, and as it was later discovered, hydrometeors excite both subjects. This meeting would have been a fleeting interaction as so many two body interactions are, but a high level of compatibility coupled with a high rate of interaction due to mutual understanding, similar occupation and miraculously similar timetables resulted in a local resonance, and eventually a semi-bound state on the 23rd of March 2008.

Tomomi continued, feeling a little dizzy as she read through words like 'multi-body state', 'frequently oscillating', among others. More or less though, she understood what was said. It talked about the time they went to the pool with friends. It talked about their first fight, their first date, the day Kota confessed; even the day Kota first had Tomomi's homemade food.

And then finally, she reached the conclusion.

The summary of the findings of the study are presented in Figure 1, and show that the projected happiness is upward with high confidence. Taking these results into account, the author proposes to Ogawa Tomomi, the indefinite continuation of the study. The subject's response to this proposal should be indicated below.

□ Yes       □ No


Kota started when he felt something warm touched his lips.

He smiled, even before he had opened his eyes, knowing full well who it was.

"I seriously need an alarm clock like that..." He said with a grin as a beaming Tomomi stepped back.

She smirked at him. "You might actually get an alarm clock like that." She said.

Kota blinked, the sleep finally leaving him. And for a few seconds, confusion took him.

Wait, what is Tomo doing here? Today is..?

Tomomi rolled her eyes in mock-irritation and handed him a piece of paper.

He took it, still feeling like he had forgotten something.

And then he saw what exact paper did Tomo gave him and he felt as if everything just stopped.

"You saw it??" He jumped in surprised.

Tomomi laughed.

"B-but... we were supposed... restaurant. Today..? It's already that late???? Wait, but I haven't got the ring, I need to go and fetch--"

He trailed off as Tomomi's tinkling laugh filled the room.

Kota looked at him, feeling a little numbed and mostly shocked. His plans... all gone.

"It doesn't really matter." She said and then hugged him.

And then another realization dawned on Kota.

"Wait, you said I can get the alarm clock... Did you just say yes!??!"

Tomomi stared at Kota, and then started laughing again, harder than ever. And before Kota can say anything again, she pulled him to her and started kissing him once more.

And Kota decided to set his confusion aside for the moment.

☑ Yes       □ No


-Kota was actually already finished with his requirement thesis, Inoo had meant to give Tomo a clue when he said Kou-chan was working on his thesis proposal. X3
-inspired by the Harry Potter fanfic, A Little More Time by  Jess Pallas and the ‘thesis proposal’ of a physicist from University of Sydney . Here’s the
original paper. XD

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ichigoainosuke: yey!ichigoainosuke on February 27th, 2013 12:14 pm (UTC)
new fic from Macy-san~!! \^o^/
*even it's not YamaShi* :3
You make me grinning, again! (and again XDD)
and I started to love your BEST X SCANDAL pairing~ :D

*PS : tired Yabu is CUTE!!*
macymacymacymacymacymacy on March 28th, 2013 05:13 pm (UTC)
thanks so much for reading! i'm sorry for the month-late reply. >.
elixir08: KouMomielixir08 on February 28th, 2013 01:44 pm (UTC)


>____</ <---speechless

Edited at 2013-02-28 01:44 pm (UTC)
macymacymacymacymacymacy on March 28th, 2013 05:14 pm (UTC)
glad you like it!! :DD
thanks for reading! sorry for the very late reply! >.