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25 March 2013 @ 02:15 pm
282 [OhgoJima] Naturally  

Title: Naturally
Author: macy
Pairing: OhgoJima
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Friendship, Romance
-unbetaed, rushed.
-actually made in between classes for many many days (like, one line per day.) it was a good thing I wasn’t able to transfer it to my laptop with what happened (my laptop is in coma). So I just had to look at my lecture notes and find arrange it.
-a little long. Supposedly very short, but then Raiya came. /shot

Love nothing but that which comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny. For what could more aptly fit your needs?

--Marcus Aurelius

Suzuka’s POV

If I would describe Yuto and me, I would use the word, ‘natural.’ We were both carefree, we accept things as they come and just go with the flow. It was the same as far as our interactions go. There was never an awkward moment between us.

I first met Yuto during the opening ceremony in our first year of high school. He was laughing with his friends as I was making a few of my own. There was a time when our gazes met. He had given me a rather formal smile, and I had smiled in return. Somehow though, his smile felt familiar to me. Like it was something I see every day. It was different from the smile I see him give on TV shows. But in some way, it’s like I’ve known it –known him all along.

“It’s like you’ve known each other for so long. You two move as if you understand what the other is thinking.” Mirai had told me this after meeting me at the gates of the school by the end of our first week as high school students.

She had waited for me to finish my prefect duties—duties I do with Yuto, who had walked me to the gates. This, and our interaction that week, had probably brought about her comment.

The funny thing is it was true. I don’t really know how, but I can read Yuto’s simple gestures, and he can perhaps also read mine. We made a great team. We do things in synchronization without having to discuss or assign each other tasks.

As the years pass, we became great friends. We never were let off of prefect duties, too; it was always a unanimous vote among the class. At first, it was a form of teasing from our classmates who were claiming that we were like an old married couple.

“Not because you argue like a married couple.” Chielu had clarified. “That’s Yama and Mirai.” She muttered.

“We meant like a really old married couple who know each other so well from 60 years of experience.” Mika said.

“Maybe that’s the case.” Non-chan had added. “Maybe you were married in your previous lives.”

These teasing stopped eventually, though.

“It’s boring since neither of you are actually bothered.” Shouhei had said with a pout when Yuto had commented on the lack of jesting.

The two of us looked at each other then and just laughed.

Those three years in high school was really very special for me. And without really noticing the time, it soon came to an end. I wasn’t one of those who cried during our graduation. It was a little weird because I’ve been teary-eyed when the rehearsals started, but when it was the real thing, I didn’t cry; not even once. It felt surreal… unreal. It felt weirdly normal; like the next day, it would still be the same and we will all see each other in class.

We (the class) took lots of pictures together after the ceremony (and after the media had taken their photos and interviews). We’ve stayed so long at the hall but none of our parents complained or rushed us. It was, after all, our last day as a class.

When it started getting dark, and it really was time for us to go, everyone circled around and we all joined a very big group hug. Others started crying again, but again, I didn’t.

One by one, people left. And for the last time, my friends and I walked together in our school uniform and exited the hall.

I saw him, then, just by the door. I was a little surprised but I think he had waited for me. I excused myself from the other girls and approached him.

“Hey.” He said as I neared.

“Why are you still here?” I asked him with a smile.

“I forgot something.” He said. He then gently pulled me to him and gave me a loose hug.

He pulled back shortly and grinned. “Congratulations.”

I chuckled. “Congratulations.” I told him.

I’m glad he waited for me. I wanted to greet my best friend, too.

After that night, we never met each other for a long time; not even by accident. I could only glimpse him through his shows. But we did keep in touch once in a while calling or mailing each other. But mostly it was only when there’s an occasion.

We were both twenty years old when we finally met face to face again.

That day, I woke a few hours before I had to and I couldn’t sleep again, so I decided to go to my uni early.

I took my time choosing which clothes to wear, making breakfast and eating, but it still was at least three hours before my classes in uni started. Sighing, I took my bag and made my way out. I locked my condo and started for the elevator.


I stopped, shocked. I don’t really understand, but my mind just went blank.

I turned around and saw him in front of me.

“Yuto!” I said with delight, moving a few steps closer to him.

“It is you!” He said, grinning. “What are you doing here? Are you visiting someone?” He asked.

“No, I live here. What are you doing here?” I asked back.

“Seriously?” He asked, giving me an even wider grin. “This is so cool!” He suddenly engulfs me in an embrace. “I moved here just this weekend! Mom insisted. Said I could go back home every day if I want but I should get a condo still so I can have a place to crash instead of hotel hopping.”

I laughed at his excited tone.

“That’s true.” I agreed, grinning at him as well. “It’s great to see you…” I said.

“Un. I missed Suzu. It’s been years…” He said softly and gently pulled back.

“So, did you just get back from work?” I asked him, noting his attire (he’s in his usual disguise) and his backpack.

“Yeah. I was thinking of dropping my things then getting breakfast.” He said.

“I know a good café close by.” I said.

He smiled. “I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

He started to run. I watched as he stopped in front of a door –his condo unit. He went out quickly and was back in front of me in less than a minute. (I wouldn‘t be surprised if he just threw his bag inside.)

I smiled, feeling a little amazed at my realization.

“Guess you’re my new next-door neighbor.” I said with a grin.

His eyes widen, went to his door and then my door, then back to me. And then, he returned my grin.

“I’m so glad mom picked this condo.” He said like an excited little boy as we enter the lift. I laughed, suddenly realizing just how much I missed this; just how much I missed him.

We talked as we walked to the café just across the street. We never really stopped talking until I absolutely had to go for university. And even then, Yuto offered to accompany me just so we could continue talking. I insisted he didn’t, though. I could tell he was tired. Anyway, we could talk anytime we want now; I’m living just a few steps away from him.

The first week of Yuto in the neighborhood, that was basically what we did. We just talked and talked all the time we were both home. More often than not, it was during the late hours.

We discovered that both of us have trouble sleeping at night. It started with us just mailing each other while waiting for sleep to come. But after the second night, Yuto started inviting me to go out to the veranda on our floor. And that became the usual routine for us. It was like we were both determined to fill up the years we didn’t see each other.

Yuto had jokingly claimed that we were the ‘insomniac pair’. I guess that’s accurate. Maybe both our circadian rhythm had been reset so it only let us sleep for a maximum of six hours. I guess I can say that’s a good thing, with our careers.

Around a month after moving, Yuto started getting a visitor. Raiya hadn’t much changed since I last saw him (in person) except that he’s now taller than Yuto. He also looks a little bit more mature, but he was definitely still a kid. Very much like Yuto, I should say. He acts a little childish, but he’s very perceptive and has an aura around him.

The first time he visited his brother, Yuto invited me over and the three of us hang out and watched movies (it was a holiday so we were all free). At around 9, Yuto insisted that Raiya go to sleep. I told Yuto to let Raiya stay up late since it’s a holiday but Yuto –looking unexpectedly pale— said no and maintained that Raiya really needed to sleep before 9*.

After tucking Raiya in his bed (I really wouldn’t be surprised if Raiya stay a little childish all his life with the babying Yuto does), Yuto invited me to go out like usual. I just smiled and nodded.

This time though, we didn’t go to the veranda. Instead, Yuto had led me to the rooftop.

“This is my first time going here.” I told him.

He playfully raised an eyebrow at me. “How long have you’ve been living here?” He teased.

I jokingly rolled my eyes at him and just shrugged.

He started walking towards the edge and I quietly followed.

“Clear sky tonight.” He commented.

I nodded as I looked up. It really was. And it was very bright with the full moon.

There was a sudden night breeze and I shivered. I was already in my pajamas.

“Cold?” He asked.

“A little.” I admitted.

“Me, too.” He said with a soft chuckle and then slowly wrapped an arm around me, pulling me closer to him.

It wasn’t expected, but then again, I wasn’t surprised. It was a very Yuto-thing to do.

I smiled at the warmth, and I could see he was smiling, too. We were quiet for a long while, just looking at the sky.

After that, he invited me to watch one more movie and I ended up sleeping at his sofa.

When I woke up in the morning, Yuto had already gone for work, but Raiya was in the dining room arranging the breakfast his brother made for the two of us.

While we were eating, he told me that his Niichan had left just a little while ago and that Yuto had told him to tell me that he’d lock my condo last night and to not worry.

That was the first time I—well, not realized, I guess I’ve known for a while— but that morning, hearing what Raiya said, I finally admitted to myself just how not normal my and Yuto’s relationship was; no matter how normal it felt for either of us. We were basically living like a newly married couple, even though we’re not even together. And I absolutely have zero complains. What is wrong with me?**

Raiya set out a little after our breakfast and I went back to my unit. I realized then, that I didn’t have my key with me. I called Yuto and as I thought, he had accidentally taken it with him. He was repeatedly apologizing on the other line and I just started laughing. It wasn’t really a problem since I could just ask the condo for a spare key. I told him so but he still kept saying sorry so I hang up, feeling a little annoyed.

He mailed me right away.

‘Sorry I kept saying sorry.’

‘Shut up already, Bakajima!’ I replied and added a ‘(# ̄ー ̄#)ニヤ’ to show I wasn’t angry.

I got the spare key without problem. It was a good thing I didn’t have to work for today and it was a Thursday so I didn’t have classes. I spent the day studying for an exam in my major next week.

Around 7, I received another mail from Yuto saying he’ll be late because a senpai from work had invited him out to drink. I guess he was still thinking of the key.

‘Don’t worry about the key. The condo gave me a spare. You can have that one, since we basically live together.’ I replied without really thinking. I was a little distracted with my revisions.

Around 10PM, I went out to the veranda but Yuto still hasn’t returned. I stayed there for a while and then went back to my room. I have classes in the morning so I should try to sleep early even with my persistent insomnia.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax myself. I might have stayed like that for hours. Sleep just wouldn’t come. What did come though wasn’t completely unwelcome.

I opened my eyes at the first unnatural sound I heard. I was sure someone had entered my unit. My heart beat quicken as I heard footsteps making their way towards my room.

My light was turned on and there stood Yuto. A very drunk Yuto who doesn’t seem to realize this wasn’t his unit. I don’t think he even saw me. He just took off his shoes and collapsed on my bed. I had luckily gotten out of the way.

A few seconds of shocked silence and then Yuto started snoring very loud and I just started laughing. It was just silly.

I tried to wake Yuto up but he just wouldn’t budge. So I started giving him a little makeover and after that took lots of photos. Just a little revenge for invading my bed. After my little fun, I set a cot by my sofa and waited for sleep there. When I woke up the next morning, Yuto was still dead to the world (and still have that ribbon I put on him.)

I made breakfast enough for the two of us. I ate mine and set his on the table, covered. Before I went out, I made a note and left it by the bed.

‘This is my unit, if you’re still confused. Breakfast is on the table. I left for uni –Suzuka’

And as expected, I received so many apologies once more. I replied by sending him one of the photos I took of him as Nakajima Yuko.

If it was possible, we grew even closer after that and instead of going to the veranda, we hang out in either’s unit now. Yuto had also given me a spare key and I feel at home in his unit as much as in mine.

Raiya visited once more. Yuto had already been living next to me for at least half a year now. Raiya had bought movies he wanted to watch this time. Though I didn’t really find out which movies they were because I was dozing off most of the time. I’ve just had my finals exam and then and I was exhausted (not even my insomnia could stop my body from wanting to shut down).

I opened my eyes blearily when I felt someone tapping my cheek.

“Suzu… Suzu-chan, wake up.”

“Yuto…” I mumbled, seeing his face floating on top of mine.

“You should go to bed. It’s not comfortable to sleep here.” He said.

I sat up a little straighter and realized I was still at Yuto’s. I saw Raiya already fast asleep on the couch.

“You can use my bed.” Yuto added.

“It’s okay.” I said with a yawn. “I’ll just go back to my room.”

“You sure? But then you’d have to change your sheet because you haven’t this whole week with your exams and all. And all your books are scattered on top of your bed so you’d have to arrange those first. And you’re couch’s not good either. You have your revisions there.” Yuto narrated.

I groaned, falling back on the back rest.

“Wait, how did you know that?” I asked, feeling more tired after hearing the tasks I need to do.

“You were mumbling about it earlier. I was actually repeating it word for word.” He said with a teasing grin. “Just use the bed. You can start cleaning tomorrow. I’ll help.”

It was very tempting, but I remembered Raiya.

“What about you? Raiya already got the couch.” I asked.

“I can take the floor.” He said.

“We can share the bed.” I told him.

He didn’t reply immediately but slowly smiled and said a simple, “Okay.”

Another yawn escaped from me and he chuckled.

“You go ahead. I’ll just get Raiya a blanket.”

“Kay…” I said sleepily and stood up, groggily making my way to his bedroom.

I didn’t bother to go to the bathroom. I was too tired. I just went straight to the bed, leaving a space for Yuto.

I didn’t know how long it was, but I became conscious to the world once more when I felt Yuto climb up to the bed.

Without saying anything, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him.

“Yuto..?” I called, sleepily. I shouldn’t really be surprised but as usual, it didn’t feel awkward. I felt my heart beat quicken, but even that feel normal, natural. The warmth felt very familiar.

I could barely see in the dark, but when I turned to face him, I was sure he was smiling.

“I love you, Suzu.” He told me for the first time, though it felt like I’ve already heard him say it many times before now.

“I love you, too.” I whispered in the dark, still half-asleep. It wasn’t really a confession, it was just stating a fact that I realized had been established since long ago. I realized we’ve both known about it all along. Basically, we’ve committed ourselves to each other without consciously knowing it.

I couldn’t help but feel a little amuse about it. I don’t know if I should call us dense or transparent.


Raiya woke up with his back feeling a little sore. He felt disoriented and for a while, alarmed because he wasn’t sure where he was. After a while, his memories came back and he remembered he was visiting his brother. He sat up, feeling silly. After a few more seconds, he stood up, wondering where his brother was and if there’d be breakfast already. He went to his brother’s room and was about to call out when he saw the scene in front of him.

Grinning, he took out his phone and snaps a photo. He attached the photo to a mail and sent it with the message, ‘Mom, not bragging but, I told you so!’


*Raiya sleeping before 9 – read Hijacked to know why. :))
**Nothing’s wrong with you, Suzu, any sane person would have zero complains with living with Yuto like married couples. XDD

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macymacymacy: yutomacymacymacy on March 29th, 2013 07:43 pm (UTC)
arigatou!!! waah, i miss this. haha.
i'm very glad you like it. haven't done this for a while. thank you again! :DD
matsujun19: conan big eyematsujun19 on March 30th, 2013 04:40 am (UTC)
aahahaha..u miss what?? the keyboard smash languish?? LOL...

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macymacymacymacymacymacy on March 30th, 2013 08:34 am (UTC)
writing fics, replying to comments, and yes the keyboard smash. ♥ XD

you're welcome! :DD
Mai ♥crescentharpe on March 27th, 2013 12:04 am (UTC)
MACY! THAT WAS ASDFJKL; lovely! The domesticity of this fic and how natural it was for them even if they were not together. Aww ♥
macymacymacymacymacymacy on March 29th, 2013 07:44 pm (UTC)
MAI!!! IMY!!!! TAT
i feel like i've lived under a rock these past few months~
thanks so much! i wasn't very confident about this one since i made it in between class in different days. i'm glad it turned out okay. ^^
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i miss them ;;

brb reading
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“Not because you argue like a married couple.” Chielu had clarified. “That’s Yama and Mirai.” She muttered. LOL A+


lol raiyaaa what the-- nice wit though
macymacymacymacymacymacy on March 29th, 2013 07:47 pm (UTC)

er, i think it fits? X))

i seriously didn't know how to end this. lols. thanks so much for reading!! :DDD