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30 March 2013 @ 03:33 am
283 [YamaShi] Positive-Negative  
Title: Positive-Negative
Author: macy
Pairing: YamaShi
Rating: PG
Summary: save for both Mirai and Yamada going to the infirmary, it was just a normal day in Horikoshi Academy
-very random. unbetaed, rushed.
-Horikoshi 3D still in high school here.

Yamada opened his eyes when he heard noises. He wasn’t really sleeping. He couldn’t at the moment, though the school nurse ordered him to do so. Earlier during their PE in second period, he’d felt faint once more because of anemia. Their nurse had only looked at his pale face, frowned disapprovingly and gestured for him to go to one of the beds.

Their nurse was already used to his frequent visits. She used to rant at him about people overworking children, but maybe she’d just accepted that was just how it is to be celebrities and she’d given up trying to imply to him (and his other classmates who visits here due to fatigue or stress from work) to quit.

The door opened and Yamada watched the silhouette of two girls moved.

“Are you okay?” One of the girls said. Yamada perked up. He knew that voice.

“It really hurts, Suzu.” Another familiar voice said.

Yamada abruptly sat up, and regretted it. Once more, he felt dizzy, but he tried to ignore this as he opened the curtain covering him from the girls.

“Suzu, Mirai, what happened?” He said as he stood up –carefully this time.

“Yama-chan.” Suzu said. “Ah, Mirai isn’t feeling very well.” She said, turning her eyes back to her friend who was now lying in bed in a fetal position, clutching at her stomach and looking as if she’s in tremendous pain. She was also sweating like mad.

Yamada’s eyes widen as he bend over Mirai. His hand automatically brushed Mirai’s bangs (which was covering her eyes) away and he was surprised to realize that Mirai was cold. She’s breaking in cold sweat.

“What’s wrong with her??” Yamada asked Suzu, a little panicked.

“I-It’s okay, Yama-chan…” Mirai managed to say though her eyes were pinched closed. It was as if every word was taking a toll on her.

The nurse had arrived then and she handed Mirai a pill.

“Drink up and it’ll go away after a while.” She said.

“Arigatou…” Mirai said softly.

The nurse turned to him. “You. Back to bed. I thought I told you to rest.”

“Is Mirai-chan gonna be okay?” He had to ask.

“Yes. Back to bed.” She said curtly.

Suzuka tried to smile at Yamada but then Mirai gave another whimper and Suzuka turned her attention back to her.

Yamada tried to speak once more but the nurse raised a brow at him, looking expectant. So, feeling a little useless and still very worried, Yamada returned to his bed.

He didn’t close the curtain this time, and silently watched Suzuka take care of Mirai. Suzuka had sat down the bed besides Mirai and started rubbing her friend’s tummy.

He saw Mirai’s faint smile and the two girls started talking, though Yamada couldn’t hear much.

He hadn’t realized he had fallen asleep until he awoke to a louder voice.


Yamada opened his eyes and saw Umika making her way to Mirai.

“How are you feeling? I just came from work and Suzu said you were here.” Yamada heard Umika say as Yamada sat up. He felt much better now. He guesses his anemia episode was over now that he had slept.

“This is because you keep ingesting caffeine. I told you to stop that.” Umika was saying when she had notice Yamada.

She had given him a small frown and said, “You’re here again, Yama-chan? Are you okay?”

“Better now. Thanks.” He said and then turned to Mirai.

“How are you Mirai-chan?” He asked, worriedly. He was wondering what was actually happening to Mirai. Was she sick? What does it have to do with caffeine? He was a little irked that he didn’t know anything.

“I’m okay. This usually happens. It’s nothing to worry about, Yama-chan.” Mirai told Yamada. She looked a bit better now. But Yamada was alarmed to hear that this was a usual thing.

“Usual, what—?”

“Don’t ask details.” Umika said with a good natured roll of her eyes. Yamada wasn’t sure what to make of it. Was it really not something serious? Or is Umika just acting or something? Is Mirai sick??

Just then, the bell rang. Yamada was a little startled, not realizing it’s already noon.

“Ah, I should go.” Umika said, frowning a little. She then turned to Yamada. “How about you? Are you going back?”

Yamada hesitated and then sighed. “Yeah, I guess I better.”

“I think I can go back now, too.” Mirai said as she sat up. Yamada looked at her in surprised. True, she looked better, but she was still pale and her expression tells Yamada there was still discomfort.

“Are you sure?” Umika asked.

“Yeah, I’ve taken pain killers. And I don’t want to miss more lessons, I’ve barely attended one this week.” Mirai said with a forced smile.

“You shouldn’t force yourself!” Yamada said.

“I’m okay.” Mirai said; a little surprise at Yamada’s outburst.

“Ah, I know. I have a bottle here. I’ll just put some hot water and you can use that as a hot compress if it starts again.” Umika said.

“That would be great help, thanks.” Mirai said and Umika busied herself with taking the water from the infirmary’s thermostat.

“What about lunch, Mirai-chan? You want me to get you some?” Umika asked.

“No thanks. Just thinking about food makes me want to puke.” Mirai said.

Yamada looked at her, worried.

“Eh, you have a bad case. It really hasn’t started yet?” Umika asked in a very casual way that bother Yamada to no end.
“Maybe tomorrow.” Mirai said. “It’s not always this bad… but I guess…”

“Lay off the caffeine. It’s not good for you. Especially now. Well, just try not to drink anything with caffeine. Coffee, soda, or even energy drinks. Try exercising, too; it’ll help ease the pain when the time comes.  And loosen your uniform; you don’t want to pressure on your abdomen.” Umika said as she returned to Mirai’s side and pressed the bottle in Mirai’s tummy.

“Hai, hai, sensei.” Mirai said, smiling a little.

“My mom had it bad. She kept reminding me of these but I didn’t need to use her advises yet, thank God.” Umika explained.

Yamada was very confused. He had so many questions that he didn’t know which to ask first.

The girls started walking out. Yamada sighed and just followed them. He was trying and failing to block his thoughts that were slowly but surely turning cynical.

Afternoon classes started and Mirai seemed to be back to normal. Yamada felt somehow relieved and a little silly because he was being paranoid. Mirai looks well now.

But after their first period in the afternoon, he had seen Mirai clutch at her stomach once more.

Maeda, who was besides her had noticed, thank goodness. Yamada watched as the girls talk. And then Maeda had given Mirai something. A bottle of pills, Yamada thought.

Yamada squinted and tried to read the label. But this and his eyeglasses weren’t helping much. It was a blur to him.

“What is it, Yama-chan?” Yuto, who was besides him asked.

“Yuto-kun, can you read the label of the bottle?” Yamada asked, pointing at the bottle in Mirai’s hand.

Yuto looked mildly curious and squinted.

“It says ‘Loestrin’.” Yuto told Yamada.

Yamada blinked at the unfamiliar name.

“What kind of medicine is that?” He asked Yuto.

Yuto shook his head in ponder. “It’s the first time I heard of it.” He told him.

Yamada frowned, his imaginings earlier coming back with more pessimism than ever.

He took out his Smartphone and opened the web. He needed to know what drug it was. Mirai might be really sick.

He typed in ‘Loestrin drug’ in the search box and then pressed the first linked that appeared.

There was some medical stuff about hormones in the first paragraph he read. He didn’t really understand so he skipped to the next line, and he felt his blood drain.

‘Loestrin 24 Fe is used as contraception to prevent pregnancy.’

“What is it, Yama-chan? You look pale again. Is it the anemia?” Yuto suddenly asked, making Yamada jumped a little. He had completely forgotten Yuto was beside him.

“Yu-yuto-kun, that drug…” He managed to say, pointing at his phone.

“Eh?” Yuto looked over to his phone and read.


The whole class went silent then and looked at the two of them.

“T-the… T-that’s right, Yuto-kun. Umm, M-my er my mom b-bought me a… a… new camera?” Yamada said lamely, trying for cover.
Their friends looked at them funny but didn’t comment and just returned to their own businesses. Good thing their next teacher hasn’t arrived, or they’d be in trouble.

“Yama-chan!” Yuto demanded in whisper. “What does that mean???? Why? Mirai? Don’t tell me you—!”

“NOOOOO!!!” Yamada said in the same volume, his panic returning. “What, ME?!? How can that be possible! We’re not together!! I haven’t even confessed yet!!!!!!”

“Then, who???” Yuto asked, looking like he’d aged a few years. “But wait, Yama-chan. If that was a contraceptive, then it’s to prevent… She’s not yet… But then that also means she active… you know, in that kind of activities.” Yuto blushed beet red.

“Stop talking! And stop imagining weird things!!!!” Yamada said, whacking Yuto on the head for good measure, though he too was blushing.

“I’m so sorry!!!!!” Yuto said profusely. “It wasn’t intentional! It automatically flashed in my head! Forgive me Mirai-chan!!!”

“Shut it!! Don’t say her name!” Yamada said— still bright red, and looking around if someone had heard their conversation. It looks like they were safe.

“But did you know she had someone?” Yuto asked, suddenly very serious. “For Mirai-chan to actually have a se— er, love life.” He muttered. Yamada felt like he’d been stabbed.

“I… I didn’t know.” Yamada said, feeling more helpless than ever. This was better than if Mirai have a serious illness or something, he guessed, but still.

“Wait, Yuto-kun.” Yamada said, remembering something. “Mirai was in the infirmary earlier. I think she had a stomachache. She really looked in pain.  And then after a while, Kawashima came. And Mirai was saying something about wanting to puke and Kawashima said many stuff to her. About not drinking anything with caffeine, about loosening her uniform so she wouldn’t press her abdomen, and exercising so it wouldn’t be painful—” Yamada’s eyes widen as he continued saying. “—when the time comes. Yuto! Do you think—?”

“So she really is… pregnant?” Yuto said very very softly, shocked.

Yamada winced at the word. He wasn’t ready to hear it.

“Ohgo was also rubbing her tummy earlier… And Kawashima mentioned about her mom’s experience as well, while trying to reassure Mirai-chan…” Yamada said as if he was in a trance. He really has a very very strong urge to cry just then.

“But Yama-chan, who..?” Yuto said, looking sympathetically at his friend. “And wait, if she’s taking contraceptives, does that mean she’s trying to abort the child? And maybe that’s why she’s in pain. I heard abortion—spontaneous or induced, is very very painful.”

Yamada gaped, looking horrified. Abortion is legal in Japan, but the idea was still unpleasant in Yamada’s mind if it was done not because of therapeutic reasons. (And he had watched 14-sai no Haha; that would make anyone see abortion as a bad thing. And now, the actress herself...)

“I guess… Mirai doesn’t have many options. She’s still young, still in high school. And she’s a popular actress. People are watching her.  And it could also be that she’s scared. You know a pregnant woman’s emotions are all jumbled up.” Yuto said in a small voice. He seems to be speaking to himself more than to Yamada.

Yamada took all these in, once more feeling utterly useless. Couldn’t he do anything—just anything for the girl he loves who have this big problem??

There was a clatter and the two boys jumped. They looked around and saw that Mirai had bend over the floor in an almost-fetal position. The girls surround her, all looking sympathetic.

Yuto and Yamada exchanged looks. Did they all know?

They watched as Suzuka helped Mirai up and told the other girls she was taking her back to the infirmary.

Yamada watched as they go, feeling agitated. He felt frustrated, he felt confused. He didn’t know what he should do, or if he should do anything at all.

“Yuto-kun!” He called his friend, sounding desperate. “What should I do???”

Yuto looked at him in sadly. “Yama-chan… I… I don’t know, sorry. I guess... well, you could at least be there for her. You can listen to her and comfort her. Be a friend…” He trailed off.

Yamada looked like he was about to burst to tears.

“O-okay.” He said. “I’ll go to the infirmary as well.”

Yuto nodded, offering a small smile and a pat at the back to his best friend.

Yamada met Suzuka along the way.

“Oh, Yama-chan. Where are you off to?” She asked him with a smile.

“Ah… I’m feeling a bit dizzy again.”

“Oh.” Suzuka said with a frown. “Don’t overexert yourself, Yama-chan.”

“Un…” Yamada said with a force smile. He appreciated Suzuka’s thoughts, but right then, his mind was filled with the problem at hand.

“I guess it would be good though that there would be someone with Mirai. She’s really having it rough. And the nurse seems to be out.” She said. “Well then, I’ll leave her to you.”

“Okay. I’ll take care of her.” Yamada said. And as he uttered these words he had vowed that he would really do. He would take care of her, whatever happens.

“Arigatou.” Suzuka said as she started walking back to the classroom.

Yamada went straight to the infirmary and saw Mirai lying down in her previous bed. She was once more clutching at her abdomen.
“Yama-chan…” She said in surprised when she saw him enter.

“Mirai…” Yamada said breathless, and offered her a small, sad smile.

“Are you feeling okay?” He asked.

“It’ll be better in a while. I’ve already taken pain killers.” She told him but then a whimper escape from her lips.

“Mirai-chan!” Yamada said worriedly.

Yamada was astounded when Mirai laughed. “Yama-chan, it’s okay… don’t worry about it.”

“But…” Yamada wanted to pull his hair, he was so frustrated. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Um…” Mirai said, trying not to whimper. “Would it be okay if you made me a hot compress? There might be a bottle in sensei’s table. Just like what Umi-chan did.”

“Okay. I’ll be right back.” Yamada said. He moved very fast, and was back in Mirai’s side in no time.

“Here.” He said. “Tell me if it’s too hot.”

“It’s okay.” Mirai said as she pressed the bottle to her abdomen. She let out a relieved sigh and tension was slowly leaving her body. Yamada was somehow placated.

“It really hurts?” He had to ask.

“Yeah.” Mirai said, looking a bit embarrassed. “I don’t know how to explain it to a guy though. It’s something you’d never understand.” Mirai said with a chuckle.

“Then don’t do it.” Yamada said.

Mirai looked at him in surprised.


“Don’t proceed with what you’re doing. I… I’ll take responsibility. I don’t care if it’s not mine.” Yamada said, his face determined.

“Yama-chan, what do you mean? Don’t proceed?”

“Don’t undergo with the abortion. Don’t kill your child.” Yamada said.

“WHAT????? Yama-chan! You… you think I’m pregnant???” Mirai said, gaping at Yamada.

“I’m sorry. I knew. I saw the contraceptives.” Yamada said solemnly. “But that doesn’t matter, I—“

“Yama-chan, I’m not pregnant.”

 “You don’t have to hide it from me. You can count on me on anything, I promise.” Yamada continued saying. “I’ll do everything I can. We’ll make it somehow. I promise I’ll take care of you.”

“Yama-chan. I. Am. Not. Pregnant.” Mirai repeated, slowly and clearly.

“Mirai-chan…” Yamada said sadly, as if everything pains him.


For good measure, Mirai slapped him again.

But it was like Yamada didn’t even feel it. “You… you’re not?” He asked dumbly, rubbing his cheeks.


“B-but you’re in pain! And Suzuka was rubbing your tummy and all that Umika said about caffeine being bad for the baby, and the contraceptives—“

“Umika didn’t mention anything about a baby! What the hell??" For a moment, Mirai just gaped, utterly shocked.

And then, the tirade came. "Suzuka was rubbing my tummy because it hurts! Umika didn’t want me to drink coffee because it makes the cramps worse! She wanted me to exercise because that relieves the pain! The contraceptive was for lowering my hormone levels so my uterine muscles wouldn’t constrict much and it wouldn’t hurt as much! It was premenstrual cramps!!! I am not –nor am I planning to be any time soon—pregnant!!!”

The door opened then and Yuto came in.

“Mirai-chan! I’m sorry, I also know. Anyway, I just couldn’t bear it if I didn’t say anything. I just want you to know that I’m always here as your friend. I’ll support you whatever happens. And I ask Raiya to buy cake and come by later after class. Maybe that would help somehow. Mocha cake is your comfort food, ne?” Yuto said with a friendly smile.

“Wait, Yuto-kun, Mirai—“

“I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Later that day…

Yamada passed the bill to the cashier and took his purchases. He then went to their table and set the vanilla (can’t have mocha, that has caffeine in it) frappe in front of Mirai.

“Here you go. I’m sorry. Really.” Yamada said.

Mirai gave him a cold glare.

“Really!” Yamada said clasping both his hand in front of his face. “I’m really terribly sorry!”

Mirai heaved a great sigh, yielding.

“Yeah, whatever.” She said tiredly. “But please, next time go and ask first before you make an assumption. God, I could have had a heart attack from the blood pressure.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Yamada repeated. “I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”

Mirai raised brow at him, interested.

“Is there anything you want?” Yamada asked, perking up.

Mirai, for the first time since her outburst, gave him a small but sincere smile. (Finally!)

“Just one thing.”


“Don’t go back on your words.” Mirai said. “Don’t ever break your promise.”

“Ehh?” Yamada asked, confused.

But Mirai just smiled. After everything that has happened, even though she seriously wanted to beat him up earlier, it was really sweet of Yamada to give her those words.

“I promise I’ll take care of you.”


-‘positive-negative’ in a pregnancy test means that the result is positive but it is really not a pregnancy and it is only caused by cysts or something that disrupts the regular hormone levels.
-i might have sound nerdy or technical in some parts. sorry about that. i try not to, but medicine messed up my vocab. (in my last fic, Naturally, there's a part where i wanted to say 'my level of consciousness rose up when i felt...' but luckily my sister was there to set me straight and i used the more normal 'I became conscious to the world once more when I felt...')
-it doesn’t get this bad for me. But there are the more unfortunate ladies out there… like one of my friends who was as good as rolling on the hallway floors of our university while crying because of the pain in one of her episodes (and what did my other friends did? When anyone walks by –prof or student—and ask what’s wrong, they’d look sympathetic and say it’s because of a breakup. And my friend while crying was saying in a loud voice, ‘it hurts! It hurts so much! Why does it have to hurt so much??’ so people actually believed it. Lols. Trolldays. xD I wasn’t one of the meanies! I was out buying medicine for her when they did it. :))))

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ichigoainosuke: :Dichigoainosuke on March 30th, 2013 07:22 am (UTC)
Ryo'BAKA'suke!! LoL~!
*seriously can't stop laughing*
and.. a baka!Yuto can't help much too XDD

demo, even he's baka, he still makes Mirai's heart go 'kyun'~ <3

Sasuga Macy-san!! ^^b
macymacymacymacymacymacy on March 30th, 2013 08:34 am (UTC)
i'm glad you enjoyed reading~! :DD

well, he's the dork we all love. xDD

arigatou gozaimasu! ^^
beyond_limits13beyond_limits13 on March 31st, 2013 08:21 am (UTC)
Omo~ this really made my day! I couldn't stop laughing!
Thanks so much for this fic! I love it! (^_____^)
macymacymacy: miraimacymacymacy on March 31st, 2013 02:12 pm (UTC)
you're very welcome! thanks so much for reading; i'm glad you enjoyed! ^^
beyond_limits13: nyaabeyond_limits13 on March 31st, 2013 03:39 pm (UTC)
And thank you more for sharing this!
I've always loved your fics but I was a silent reader until now (gomen for not commenting before TT^TT)... anyway, I'll try to be more supportive now~ Arigatou again! ^^,
macymacymacy: yamashimacymacymacy on April 2nd, 2013 05:18 am (UTC)
sorry for the late reply!

i'm actually guilty about being a silent reader so it's all okay. i'm happy enough to know that people read my stories. :D
thanks so much for your comment and your support! it really means a lot to me. ♥