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13 May 2013 @ 01:22 pm
285 [YamaShi] Risou no Musuko SP part 2  
Title: Risou no Musuko SP
Author: macymacymacy
Beta: crescentharpe
Pairing: YamaShi and others.
Genre: Family, Friendship, Romance
Rating: G
-i did try to stick with the drama's canon as much as possible.
-some OOCness, i think.
-Risou no Musuko ep 1-10 + my Risou no Musuko Ep. 11 spoilers. watch the drama and read my ep.11 first so you can understand. ^^
-the real cast of the drama obviously already had a an image of being their role. i mean, you can clearly imagine yamada if you read 'suzuki daichi' or yuto with 'kobayashi' and so on. for my added 'cast' it wouldn't be as easy to imagine, so i'll be using their first real name. ^^
-if an episode is sooooo loooooong to write, well, i think this one just killed me. /shot this was supposed to be posted on their last birthdays. lol, but then med happened and it's certainly demanding and jealous and doesn't want me to give attention to any other thing than it. /bricked so, as this is very long so it would be divided into parts.
-italics and gray font means a flashback while just italics means the words are said in English.
-SORRY FOR THE DELAY! It's been an exhausting weekend. /sighs




Previously on RnM SP:
[(click to open)]
"Mom! Wake up!" He said, tapping Kurahashi Umi, who was sleeping, seated between Daichi and Minoru. "Wake up, we can already see Australia!"
"Kobayashi." Habu called from his side. "Is it really okay?" He asked.


"Of course it is!" Kobayashi said, smiling at the four of them. "You guys are my friends! Wouldn't you want to go to Australia too? It'll be a blast!" He said.
"There's your name!" Minoru said, pointing. Surely, there was a big sign with the name 'Suzuki Daichi' on it.

"Mirai!" He called.

Daichi stopped in his tracks, blinking.

"You must be Suzuki Daichi." The girl said. She was definitely Japanese. From the back she looked just like Mirai. They had the same long black hair, though now that he looked closely, she was definitely taller than her.

"Hajemimashite. I'm Fuji Suzuka, Mirai's cousin." She said formally, offering a hand to shake.
"But you understand me, right?" Kobayashi suddenly said. "You also depend on Suzuki."

There was stunned silence and Kobayashi hastily said, "Uhm, it'll be a ten-hour flight, maybe I'll sleep for a while." And he turned his back on her.

Hyouzoka sighed, sinking on her seat. "No, it's not the same..." She said in a tired whisper.
She opened her eyes and then blinked. "Niichan?"

"Mirai." Mifune Kengo said calmly, though his eyes were wide.
"Well, what do you think about them?" She asked gently. Suzuka have to smile. Her grandmother really knows her best.

"I don't really like them." She said honestly.
Mifune was staring at the piece of paper. His coach looked over his shoulder at what he was looking at.
His finger was over a name.

“Fuji Tsutomu?” His coach asked. “He’s one of the sponsors. Is something wrong?”
"I... have a problem." Kobayashi said. "It's about Kanon-chan."

"Kanon? Kanon who?" Daichi asked, perplexed

"You know her, Shimazaki Kanon; she's from that girl group, Sirène." Kobayashi said impatiently.

"She wants to marry me." He deadpanned.

"Michiko, I'm really sorry about my daughter." Shimazaki-san said, apologetically.

"You don't have to be, Sakura." Kobayashi said, smiling at her. "I must admit, I am rather fond of her."

"Yes, but well, Kouji-kun..." Shimazaki trailed off.

Kobayashi nodded understandingly, "But I still think it's best to let them handle this."

"Are you saying you're accepting the arranged marriage?" Shimazaki asked, surprised.

Kobayashi smiled mysteriously.


"Do you really need to go now, Kanon-chan?" Kanon's manager, looking harassed, asked.

"Yes." Kanon said unconcernedly. "It is my off. And I would have gone yesterday if it weren't for that sudden interview."

"But Kanon-chan, you never said anything about this." He tried to say.

"You didn't ask." Kanon said, smiling mischievously. "Bye bye." She said waving a hand.


"Marry?" Daichi said, surprised. "But if you say you were three when she was born then she's what? Fourteen?"

Kobayashi nodded in defeat. "Yeah, she's still in middle school. But she wants to. She asked her mom to propose an arranged marriage to my mom."

"And what did your mom say? Did she agree?" Daichi asked. Mirai kept quiet, only listening to the two of them.

"She didn't say anything." Kobayashi said.

"Well, did she like that Kanon? Like she like Sora-san?"

"No." Kobayashi said with a pout. "She adores her. She even let her call her 'Mama.'"

"Did your mom say she'd want her to be her daughter-in-law?" Daichi asked hopelessly.

"I think she'd want that." Kobayashi sighed, slumping down the sand. Daichi and Mirai sat next to him. "But I don't think she thinks she's good for me. I think mom thinks Kanon is a little too much for me so she doesn't really say anything about the proposal. Maybe if I had a little brother, who’s more decisive and tougher, mom would happily accept the offer." Kobayashi said, sighing yet again.

"Maybe if it's Ryuu, he'd be able to handle Kanon-chan."

"Ryuu??" Daichi asked, blinking in confusion.

"Ah, I just thought if I had a little brother 'Ryuu' would be a good name... or maybe 'Raiya.'" Kobayashi randomly said.

"If..." Mirai interrupted. "If you don't mind me asking. Why did she want such an arrangement? You two are still both young."

"Yeah, and isn't it more common that the parents arrange the marriage, not the other way around?" Daichi added.

"Well, Kanon... she grew up without a dad." Kobayashi started. "She grew up with a house filled with women. It had always been only her, her mom, her aunt and her grandmother. She's... a bit excited about boys, I guess. She'd always wanted to have a dad. And she's not used to not having what she wants. She wants to become an idol so her mom's thirteenth birthday gift for her was a contract under an agency... Then one day, her mom asked dad to take care of her for a while and left her in our house. After that, I think she wanted him to be her dad but of course, that can't be. And she cried when her mom told her 'no' and that they needed to go home. Mom then asked me to comfort her so I did. She stopped crying after a while and suddenly proclaimed she'll be marrying me when we grew up. I never thought she was really serious. I guess she saw how I am like my dad. And now she's at home..." He groaned.

"So that's why you followed me here." Daichi said in realization.

"I think you should tell her how you feel." Mirai said softly. "Have you actually told her your opinion about the whole matter?” She asked him gently.

"No..." Kobayashi sighed. "I guess it's also partly my fault. I never told her I don't want to marry her. I... can't. I don't like her like that, but I can't say 'no' to her. She's like... Hmm.. Maybe like a little sister..?" He said, hesitatingly.

"Try and tell her when you come back." Mirai said. "I think you're really important to her and it might be that she's just confused right now. Try and talk to her."

Daichi smiled at Mirai at this, though he wasn't sure if she saw it.

"I think your mom also wants that you'll be the one to decide." Daichi added. "Maybe that's why she neither agrees nor disagrees with the marriage-stuffs."

Kobayashi looked at them pleadingly. He didn't really think the idea was good. His friends didn't know Kanon.

"Well," Daichi said, barely seeing the expression on his friend's face. "In the meantime, let's enjoy our vacation here."


"You don't have to be so worried, Umi-san." Minoru said softly in to the silence. Both he and Umi had already lied on their respective beds but neither seems to be able to fall asleep just yet, even though both of them are exhausted.

"He hasn't come back." Umi said.

"I saw him go out through the backdoor with Mirai-chan." Minoru said. "He'll be fine."

There was a long pause; Minoru's exhaustion was finally seeping in. But then Umi said. "I guess Mirai-chan is good for him."

"Yes." Minoru said. "She's got a way with him."

Another pause, but much shorter this time and then Umi said, "I don't really mind that. I'm glad."

Minoru smiled, though still looked up to the ceiling. "You've learned to let go of him. And I think you're right. It's time he learns to let go of you as well."

Umi silently nodded.

"So, Melbourne, huh?" Umi said after a while, changing the subject.

Minoru nodded. "My ex-wife had wanted to go to Melbourne."

"Well," Umi said with a sigh. "Then we'll have to enjoy ourselves, ne?"

"We will." Minoru said with a grin.


Hearing footsteps making their way to her, Suzuka had rushed to go back to the house. After talking to her grandmother, she had followed the three to the beach and she had overheard their discussion.

She still didn't know what to think about Suzuki and Kobayashi, but she had noticed something about her cousin for the first time. Her cousin somehow, had changed. Not really change, more shifted. She had always been kind and gentle, but it was the first time for her to hear Mirai say something like that. So mature, and so sure of herself. Suzuka had always thought of Mirai as being naive and dependent, and though Mirai was three months older than her, Suzuka liked to think that she was taking care of her.

She didn't really know what she felt about this shift. When did it exactly happened? How come she seems so different around that Suzuki? Suzuka shook her head as she ascended the stairs. She doesn’t want to think about it anymore just yet.

Sighing, she made her way to their room. She had found the girl--the cross dresser already asleep on Mirai's bed. Silently, she dropped her phone on her bed and proceeded to the bathroom to refresh herself.


Mirai, Daichi and Kobayashi walked back to the house in silence. After Mirai's advice, there doesn't seem to be anything else left to say. And Kobayashi did have a few more days to think about what he'll do.
Some of the lights in the house were already turned off. And it was very quiet now.

"Don't you get scared living in such a big house with only a few of you?" Daichi asked Mirai, feeling a bit awkward at the extended silence.

"Not really." Mirai said. "But it can get lonely."

Daichi nodded.

"Tomorrow..." Mirai started. "I have work only till early afternoon, and then maybe we can eat out."

"Well, if you aren't very tired." Daichi said, frowning a bit.

"It's just a photo shoot." Mirai said with a laugh. "You can all come if you want."

"Yeah, that would be fun." Kobayashi said, looking at Daichi.

When they reached the landing on the stairs, the two boys bid their good night to Mirai. Kobayashi thanked her for listening to his problem and for her advice, but he still looked a bit troubled.

Walking to their rooms, Kobayashi turned to Daichi.

"I heard about your mom's plan." He said.

Daichi only frowned.

"Hey, maybe it's not a bad thing." Kobayashi said. "I... well, I know it's not the same but being away from my mom like this is somewhat refreshing."

Daichi was about to say something but Kobayashi hurriedly says, "I don't mean I don't want to be with my mom. It's not like that. I'm just saying, well, you won't miss your mom if she's not away."

Daichi didn't say anything. They were already in front of the guest rooms' door.

"Well," Kobayashi said, frowning a bit. "Good night."

Daichi nodded. "Night." And they both enter their respective rooms.


The room was very quiet except for Minoru-san's snore. Both his mom and Minoru were already asleep. Silently, he proceeded to the bathroom to wash and to change into pajamas.

After that, he carefully climbed the bed he shared with her mom. He was surprised to see that his mom was actually still awake.

"Daichi." She said softly.

Daichi just looked at her.

"Do you love me?" She suddenly asked.

Daichi stared, and slowly nodded.

"How much in the world?" She asked.

Daichi couldn't help but smile a little, remembering when her mom first asked this, ages ago.

He raised his hand and gestured 'one.'

Umi grinned.

"You're number one to me, too." She said. "But, it's not bad if we love other people. It can't be just me. I'll be happy as long as I'm still number one."

There was a pause and then Daichi finally nodded, smiling.


"That's my boy."


Suzuka stirred awake when she felt an arm around her. She turned to see that it was Mirai. She relaxed and smiled. Somehow, she felt relieved that this habit of Mirai still hasn't changed. She'd always been a cuddle-monster.

She turned so they were facing each other and let sleep take her again.


“I just have to ask.” Daichi said as they entered the airport. Everyone had come with Umi and Minoru to Adelaide’s airport. They would be taking a plane to Melbourne.

Minoru was a little surprised of Daichi’s question; both of the question itself and the fact that Daichi actually spoke. He had been very quiet from when they were at Mirai’s house.

“What is it?” He asked.

“How long have you been planning this?” He asked. The two of them were a little behind their group.

“Actually, I haven’t known about it until just last week.” He confessed. “But I think your mom thought about it since Mirai-chan gave you the tickets.”

Daichi nodded with a little frown. And then he sighed in defeat and didn’t speak again.

“Here is already fine.” Umi called to everyone. “We’re really happy you went to see us off but really, I don’t think we’ll have any problem finding our plane.”

At this, Kobayashi automatically looked at Daichi and the others followed him.

This annoyed Daichi but at the same time he was a bit amused.

“Yeah.” He said, nodding. “Mirai have work as well. I think we better get going.”

Umi smiled at him. His friend though, still hasn’t looked away from him.

“Well, you guys take care.” He said, a bit awkward, to Umi and Minoru.

“You, too.” Umi said, smiling at all of them.

“Call us if anything happens.” Minoru said.

“Hai.” Mirai said, frowning a bit. “If you can, though, Umi-san, Minoru-san, do come back on the 27th? It’s Suzuka’s birthday and there would be celebration at home. Suzuka said to invite everyone.” She told them all. She had asked Suzuka beforehand and she agreed easily.

“Really??” Habu said excitedly.

“Of course.” Mirai said.

“We’ll be there.” Umi said, smiling.

Mirai returned the smile.

“We’ll goodbye then, Kurahashi-san.” Kobayashi told Umi. She nodded.

“Take care.” Hyouzoka said.

“See you.” Wanikawa said and the others bowed their goodbyes.

“Enjoy yourselves, you two.” Daichi said and with a last wave turned to his friends. “Come on, or Mirai will be late.”

Daichi started walking and his friends hastily followed him. Mirai walked faster to catch up on Daichi.

She gave him a small smile which he returned with a laugh.

“I’m fine. There’s no need to worry about me. I was surprised, is all.” He said seriously.

Mirai smiled as well. “Sorry.” She said sheepishly.

“So, where to next?” Daichi asked, smiling fondly at Mirai.

“To the studio. Well, I guess it’s not good to keep Suzu waiting.” Mirai said.

“Suzuka will be there too?”



Ms. Mirai.” A young woman said as soon as they entered the studio. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Sorry.” Mirai said and then gestured for the others to follow her.

They watched as three women swept Mirai in front of the mirror. The three worked on her makeup, her hair and her nails. And another one came holding some dresses.

Where’s Suzuka?” Mirai asked one of them.

That was when a very beautiful girl in walked towards Mirai.

“Suzu.” Mirai said with a smile. “Sorry for the wait.”

Suzuka smiled and shook her head. “I’ve only just finished with makeup.”

Daichi blinked at what he was looking at. The very beautiful girl was actually Suzuka.

“That’s h-her cousin, right?” Wanikawa said, gaping.

“It’s like she transformed.” Kobayashi said; mouth slightly opened in surprise. Habu and Zou-san nodded. And then as one, all the boys turned to look at Hyouzoka. She blushed and glared. “WHAT?”

Everyone shook their head and turned back to the other girls.

In another fifteen minutes, they were done with Mirai’s preparation and the two girls were followed the photographer to their set. The others also followed some distance behind and watched.

Suzuka was wearing a simple orange dress and had her long hair curled. Mirai was wearing a frilly peach blouse and light green overalls. It looked casual but very fashionable at the same time.

The set was of a sea background. The photographer instructed them how to pose and the two obliged. It was amazing how in the photos they really do look like they were by the sea. It must have been the lightings.

“She should really smile more.” Kobayashi commented as they watched. Daichi completely agree. It was as if Suzuka was another person.

Mirai had hugged Suzuka from the back and she laughed. There were lots of shot and the moment was captured. The two looked like they were enjoying themselves. Somehow, Daichi couldn’t help but smile, too, watching them.

“So… she’s an actor, too?” Hyouzoka asked Daichi.

“An athlete.” Daichi told everyone. “I guess it’s to be expected they get a photo shoot together since they’re cousins and all.”

Hyouzoka nodded, frowning a bit. “It’s like they’re princesses.” She said as if being a ‘princess’ was something to be shunned.

“Yeah…” Wanikawa said dreamily. “Beautiful, rich, talented…”

“Yeah, they’re perfect.” Hyouzoka said, honestly, but in that same tone.

After a while the two each took solo pictures. And then they announced the photo shoot was over.

“Finally.” Hyouzoka said softly. Daichi looked at her.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah. Just fine.” She said shrugging and looking away.

Daichi frowned but turned away as Mirai approached them.

It was like she was about to say something but stopped and then turned to the crew once more. She said something in English and suddenly the photographer looked at all of them. He smiled and said something. Mirai grinned.

“What was that?” Daichi asked, perplexed.

“He said it’s okay if we take a few pictures with all of us.” Mirai said. And before they knew what was happening, all of them were swept away by makeup artists and stylists.

It was just a quick do. Just so they wouldn’t look pale in the photograph. And then, they started taking their pictures. In no time, everyone was laughing, having fun.

And with Mirai’s request, Daichi donned on the koala costume and they took some pictures with just the two of them. Mirai was happy to see Daichi looking like he’s enjoying himself. She was still worried about him.

Having a sudden inspiration, the photographer asked Kobayashi to wear the horse costume. Kobayashi in horse costume, Daichi in koala costume, Mirai and Suzuka took shots together.

Okay, last one.” The photographer, who seems to be enjoying himself, said. “You can show your faces this time. This one's for Mirai.” He instructed and Mirai translated for the two boys, grinning.

Smiling, they took a pose but as the photographer clicked, their other friends, also in different animal suits, suddenly jumped in, making everything whacky. Everyone was laughing, including Suzuka.


“Are they using that shot with the four of us?” Kobayashi asked Mirai as they made their way out the studio.

“I think so.” Mirai said. “But only the ones with your faces covered.”

“Koala is like a symbol of Mirai. Everyone knows she loves koalas and she always wear accessories of them. And since I’m an equestrienne…” Suzuka explained, though she was back to being her old self.

“That’s how it is.” Mirai told the others with a smile.

“Are we heading home now?” Suzuka asked Mirai.

“I was thinking of eating an early dinner out.” Mirai told her. They had finished with their photo shoot a little later than expected, for obvious reasons.

“Okay…” Suzuka said softly.

When they arrived by the van, Mirai smiled at Suzuka and said, “You can sit in front if you want.”

She nodded and went straight to the front seat without saying anything. The boys all got on as well, and Hyouzoka and Mirai entered last, so they end up sitting beside each other.

“Where to, Mirai?” Sagara-san asked from the driver’s seat.

“Chloe’s.” Mirai said. At her word, Suzuka glanced to her and gave her one of her rare smiles.

Hyouzoka looked at each of them, frowning slightly in ponder.

Catching this Mirai said softly, “It’s her favorite restaurant.”

Hyouzoka nodded, still frowning.

Mirai looked at her. “What is it, Hyouzoka-san?”

Hyouzoka looked at Mirai, hesitant. “I just thought... Well, you two are really close. And you seem to have a way with her. ” She said softly.

“What do you mean?” Mirai asked, smiling a bit. She was happy to be able to talk to Hyouzoka-san.

“Well, she listens to you.” Hyouzoka said. Truthfully, she was a bit surprised at herself that she was talking to Mirai. She knew she was being silly of not liking her... she knew it wasn’t because of Mirai but because of someone else. In actuality, it was very hard not to like her.

“Suzuka... she’s just a bit uncomfortable to other people.” Mirai said.

“Yeah, I get that.” Hyouzoka said seriously.

“Hyouzoka-san,” Mirai started, “Can I ask you a question? Uhm, though it might be a bit rude to ask… She trailed off.

Hyouzoka raised a brow at her. “What is it?”

“Uhm, will it be okay if I can be your friend?” She asked very politely.

And Hyouzoka couldn’t help it, she snorted. She was just too careful; it was like she was actually scared of her which is just silly.

The boys who were talking from the back looked at them. Mirai looked a bit surprised, but she was smiling shyly.

“I don't know.” She said, serious once more. “You know you don't just ask people if they can be your friend. You just eventually be. So I don't really know." She tries to tell her gently, ignoring everyone else...

"Oh, sorry." Mirai said. "I hope we can be friends." She said instead. "I've never really have other girl-friends besides Suzu."

"How about classmates?" Hyouzoka asked, surprised.

Mirai shook her head. "I'm homeschooled. Suzuka as well."

Hyouzoka nodded, feeling a bit sorry for her.

"Can I say one more thing?" Mirai asked, smiling at her.

"Yeah, sure." Hyouzoka said offhandedly.

Mirai beamed and then said. "Hyouzoka-san really is very beautiful."

Hyouzoka gaped, blushing, but as the other boys gaped at what Mirai said, she glared at them. “What are you looking at?” She said threateningly.

Everyone looked away and Hyouzoka sighed, slumping down her seat, covering her face. Mirai was looking at her, frowning slightly.

“They’re idiots; you don’t have to say sorry.” She whispered to her.

Mirai shook her head. “I didn’t know if I wanted to say sorry...” She trailed off and went silent for a while.

And then, “Uhm, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable but I mean what I said.” She clarified.

Hyouzoka looked at her and shook her head in amusement.

“You’re really... too... innocent. Much like your role in Shokojo Seira.” She commented.

“Uhm, hai.” Mirai said, looking embarrassed. “People often say that.”


“This is a restaurant?” Habu asked as they slowed to a stop in front of an old-fashioned house.

“Hai.” Mirai said.

“Uhm, is this like one of those in TV shows? Those with many spoons and forks..?” Wanikawa asked, looking a bit worried.

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about that. My father reserved a room so it would only be us in there. I hope you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.” Mirai said.

“Er, that’s fine then. I’ll eat anyway I want then.” Wanikawa said, blushing a bit.

They got off the car and followed Suzuka and Mirai towards the restaurant.

The place was even more beautiful inside. It was as if they have taken a step back in time. It was lavishly decked out with antique mirrors, French doors, and tables draped with damask, crowned with crystal glassware.

When they reached the front desk, the lady greeted Mirai and they talked for a bit in English. The lady said something and Mirai seemed excited while Suzuka looked surprised. Suzuka had turned to Mirai and seemingly asked her something to which Mirai replied immediately.

One of the waiters gestured for them to follow him and they did. Daichi had walked besides Mirai then, and asked, “What was that about?”

Mirai just smiled happily and said, “You’ll see.”

The waiter led them to a room with a plaque saying “Louis Tannert.” He opened the door and everyone entered.

It was then that they realized that there was already someone in there.

Mirai had rushed into him and gave him a hug. “Niichan!”

Daichi strangely felt a chill.

“Mirai.” Mifune said in greeting, his mouth curved into a small smile. He then turned his gaze to the other and stared, his brows a bit raised.

“Mifune-senpai!” Everyone seemed to chorus, also walking towards him.

“You guys…” He trailed off, his eyes lingering on Daichi.

“I thought it was only Suzuki.” He said, looking at all of them.

“We also came!” Kobayashi said, grinning.

Mifune only nodded.

“What are you doing here, senpai?” Wanikawa asked. “Is it another competition?”

“Ah.” Mifune answered.




“Oh, by the way…” Mirai said and then she pulled Suzuka to her. “Niichan, this is Suzuka, my cousin.” She introduced.

“Hajimemashite.” Suzuka hastily said, surprised at suddenly being called like that.

“Domo.” Mifune said.

“And that’s Sagara-san.” Mirai said, pointing at her driver. Mifune and Sagara-san exchanged bows.

“Well, we better sit and take our orders.” Mirai said to the room at large.

They took their seats. Hyouzoka sat at the end of the table. She was closest to the window. To her right was Daichi. Besides him were Kobayashi, Mirai and then Mifune. On the other end of the table was Suzuka. On her right, in front of Mifune was Sagara-san. And besides him were Wanikawa, Zou and Habu.


Daichi know not one of the foods they served them, but everything was very delicious. He couldn't help but think of his mom. His mom loves food, for sure if she was with them, she'd really be happy.

Looking around, it was one of the most peculiar groups of people he had seen. Hyouzoka, Mirai, Mifune-senpai and Sagara-san were eating just normally, Wanikawa, Habu, and Zou-san were really digging in, never minding any etiquette or whatnot (Daichi had warned Mirai not to order anything avian). They still haven't seen Zou-san's face though; since unexpectedly, after his red mask, there's still another that have a hole for his mouth.

Suzuka and Kobayashi were eating as if they were with the queen of England. He had expected it of Suzuka, but it was the first time he saw Kobayashi like that. He guessed Kobayashi just automatically eat like that when served with gourmet food and in this kind of restaurants.

From Kobayashi's other side, Mirai was talking happily with her brother. Mifune-senpai was listening to her, smiling slightly and nodding from time to time. Suddenly, Daichi realized why, as Mirai said it, she have improved from being a complete Daddy's girl. She had found her brother… Someone other than her father that she loves very dearly.

He remembered what his mom said.

"But, it's not bad if we love other people. It can't be just me. I'll be happy as long as I'm still number one."

Subconsciously, Daichi's face broke into a sad smile.

"What's wrong?" Hyouzoka, who was besides him, asked.

He just shrugged and shook his head.


Suzuka watched as Mirai and her brother talked. It was that new Mirai again, she felt a bit uncomfortable. Not to mention these boys around her. If her grandfather saw anyone eat like them, he'd give fits. It was improper, unsightly. The only one who knew etiquette was that Kobayashi, though she guesses Suzuki's and Mirai's brother's manners could pass.

"How's your training going?" She heard Mirai asked her brother.

"It's going fine." He replied. "And we've already got my schedule."

"When is your match?" Mirai asked.

"On the 28th, in the afternoon." Mifune said.

"It's good it's not on the 27th. We can all go and watch, then." Mirai said.

Mifune looked at her, frowning a bit. "Are you okay with boxing?" He asked her.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Mirai asked, surprised.

Mifune shrugged. "Some people think it's barbaric."

Mirai smiled and shook her head. "I'll be there to cheer you on."

Mifune smiled. "Thanks."

Suzuka frowned, looking at her food. Who are all these people, really? She felt as if they were all stealing Mirai from her.

"Suzu, are you okay?" Mirai suddenly called her.

She looked at her sharply and nodded silently.

Mirai still looked worried, though, "What is it?"

Suzuka smiled at her. "It's nothing. I'm just thinking of something…"

"Okay." Mirai said doubtfully.

"Can you pass the salt?" She asked, changing the subject.

Mifune reached for it and handed it to her. "Here." He said.

"Thank you." Suzuka said; feeling a bit flustered.

Almost everyone stopped when the door unexpectedly opened.

Kobayashi suddenly yelp, jumping out of his seat, his eyes wide.

A girl around Mirai's height and wearing ridiculously short skirt has entered the room and only has eyes on Kobayashi.

"Kouji!! I found you at last!!" the girl said and ran towards Kobayashi.


"I've missed you so much!" Kanon said her hands around Kobayashi.

"What are you doing here? How did you find me??" Kobayashi asked, looking terrified.

"I wanted to see you but you weren't home! You didn't tell me you were going to Australia! And you didn't even tell your mom where exactly in Australia you are staying! I had to have your phone's GPS tracked!" She complained.

Everyone stared at them, gaping.

"And mom wanted to talk about our engagement and everything and you just have to go!" She added, pouting.

If possible, Kobayashi's eyes widen more.

"What… Kanon, I…" He looked around as if asking for help. No one really knew what to do. Everything was happening so fast.

And then his gaze landed on Mirai and without thinking he declared. "I can't marry you, Kanon, I love someone else!"

Kanon stared at him, stunned. And so was everyone else.

Kobayashi then pointed at Mirai and said. "I'm in love with Mirai!"

Daichi and Mifune both suddenly stood up, glaring daggers at Kobayashi.

Kanon on the other hand turned her gaze to Mirai and then back to Kobayashi.

"I don't believe you." She said calmly.

"It's the truth." Kobayashi said, trying not to look at Daichi or Mifune. "I'm sorry. And everyone else, I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

"Prove it!" Kanon said, now glaring at Kobayashi. "Kiss her!"

Kobayashi could almost see the koala and the lion. He felt like he was shrinking.

"What do you think of Mirai, Kanon?" He said, acting angry. "Please don't be rude to my girlfriend!" He said.

Kanon turned back to Mirai, glaring. Mirai looked shocked for a second but quickly replace her expression to that of mildly surprised.

"It's okay, Kouji-kun." Mirai said sweetly. "I'm sure she didn't mean to be rude."

Kanon looked angrier, pursing her lips at Mirai.

"I'm not giving up on you!" Kanon told Kobayashi and then dashed out.

For a full minute everyone was quiet, taking in what just happened.

It was Mifune who spoke first.

"Kobayashi." He said calmly.

"I'm sorry!" Kobayashi said, bowing very low to Mirai.

"Is it true or not?" He heard Habu asked, sounding confused.

"Kobayashi-kun, please raise your head." Mirai said standing up.

"What was that about?" Hyouzoka asked, also standing up.

"That was Sirene's Kanon right? The idol?" Wanikawa asked, looking at Kobayashi in bewilderment.

"I…" Kobayashi started. He looked at all of them, sighed, and slumped down his seat. "Yes. That was Shimazaki Kanon… She and I might soon be engaged."


"Wah." Umi said, smiling at the scene before her. "This is really something, ne?"

Minoru who was by the bed and unpacking, smiled. "Eh~" He agreed.

Compared to Kangaroo Islands, or Adelaide, Melbourne is more urbanized, though it they were still surrounded by nature. It was as if nature and the city collided.

"Umi-san, do you want to eat a late lunch?"


Kanon let out a frustrated scream. She couldn't believe what just happened.

"How dare they?!" She shrieked, frightening her driver causing him to suddenly stop the car.

She gritted her teeth, still seeing the image her Kouji and that--that girl, Mirai. How dare she call him 'Kouji-kun'?!

She doesn't like this. She really doesn't. She needs to do something.

She let out a sigh, trying to calm herself.  She looked out the window and think.

Mirai… who was that Mirai? Her face is familiar. She's sure she'd seen him before.

She blinked as she saw her right in front of her.

"Stop the car." She ordered and got out at once.

It was a poster of some event and that girl's picture was in the background.

'J-Kai.' It says.

And Kanon blinked in realization. "Umi-chan…"

Kanon took out his phone and started dialing.


"I'm really sorry, Mirai-chan." Kobayashi said, raising his hand to his mouth unconsciously. Daichi swatted it away automatically.

"Kobayashi-kun…" Mirai said in the silence. Everyone else was still taking in Kobayashi's story. "I'm really glad you finally told Kanon-san that you didn't want that arranged marriage but…"

"Why did you have to say that?" It was Daichi who finished for Mirai. His voice was calm, but his face was severe.

"I'm sorry…" Kobayashi repeated. "I… I just… I guess I'm just a coward. I needed to give a reason."

"Why use Mirai, though?" Mifune asked, his voice also calm, but Kobayashi still winced.

"Well, I wasn't really thinking…" Kobayashi said, shrinking in his seat.

"That's for sure." Suzuka muttered, frowning.

"Kobayashi-kun," Mirai intervened. "It's fine with me to pretend for the meantime, but I hope you would eventually tell her the truth."

Suzuka looked at her sharply, biting her lip. There it was again, this new Mirai.

"But wouldn't it be bad if it got out?" Wanikawa pointed out. "Mirai-chan is famous and all."

"We just have to be careful." Mirai said.

"But that Kanon is also famous." Habu pointed out.

"And Kobayashi's family is also quite known…" Hyouzoka trailed off.


The tension was somehow broken when the door opened once more. It was one of the waiters, carrying their dessert.

"Oh, goodie~" Mirai suddenly said in a cheery voice.

"Let's all sit down and eat." She said and then she turned to Suzuka, "They're all your favorites."

"Ah, hai. Arigatou." Suzuka said, feeling a bit lost, which were the same for the others. Nevertheless, they heed her and sat down as the waiter serve them their food.

They resumed eating but in complete silence save for the clanking of their utensils. Kobayashi wouldn't meet anyone's eyes but  everyone else were sneaking glances at him, Mirai and Mifune.

 Suddenly, something rang. A phone--two cell phones to be exact. Both Suzuka and Mirai took out their phone.

Suzuka stood up. "Excuse me." She said, and hastily went out the room.

Mirai stood up as well. "It's my manager." She explained. "I have to take it. I'll be back." She excused herself and followed her cousin out.


"Grandmother." Suzuka said, smiling fondly.

"Suzuka. How are you?"

"I'm just fine." Suzuka said. "We're at Chloe's right now."


"Hello? Chelle?" Mirai said as she answered.


As the door closed behind Mirai, everyone turned their eyes on Kobayashi. But it was to Mifune he looked back.

"I'll fix this." He promised. "I'll talk to Kanon after this. I'm sure she won't go back to Japan so soon. I'll tell her the truth. I'm sorry I involved Mirai. I panicked, and since I've already told Daichi and Mirai the situation, I hoped Mirai would follow through for the meantime and she did. I know that was cowardly of me, but I'll make everything right."

There was a pause and then Daichi let out a sigh.

"Well, that's good enough for now." He told him.

"I think that would settle the matter." Wanikawa said, trying to defend Kobayashi. "I mean, after Kobayashi told her the truth; that would be it, right? Nothing more can happen between now and after we ate."

Mifune was still frowning but he hoped Wanikawa was right.


 "You're with Mirai's friends and her brother?" Suzuka's grandmother asked, a bit surprised.

"Yes." Suzuka said.

"Are you okay?" She asked, sounding a bit worried. "You're not uncomfortable?"

"No." Suzuka said, smiling. "They're quite alright. Mirai's brother is very proper, actually."

There was a pause from the other line and then her grandmother asked.

"What do you think of him?"

"Well, I disliked him the least among everyone." Suzuka said.

She was a bit surprised to hear her grandmother laughed. "Suzuka, if you want to, you can invite him to your birthday."

Suzuka perked up. "I can?"

"Of course dear, it is your day." She said.

"Oh," Suzuka said, trying to hide the excitement from her voice. "I think Mirai would like that."

Truthfully, Suzuka was a bit envious of Mirai having a brother like that. She had never thought of it before, but seeing them interact, she suddenly wished she also had a brother. She had grew up only with her grandparents, and though she always tell herself that she wouldn't have it any other way, she was also a bit curious of what it would be like to actually have your parents with you; to actually have a proper family, who actually shares your blood.

"We'll be back a day before your birthday." Grandmother said.


Suzuka opened the door to the room just as Mirai was returning. Silently, she waited for her. That was when she noticed that Mirai was frowning.

She looked at her questioningly but she just gave a force smile and shook her head.

When they entered, everyone was looking at them.

"Kobayashi-kun." Mirai suddenly called. "It seems I'll be working with Shimazaki Kanon-san for the JAFA event."


"You're not very happy." Mirai said as she walked besides Mifune. They were now strolling by the busy streets of Adelaide, with Mirai's face hidden in her cap and sun glasses.

Mirai has insisted that she accompany her brother to the train station when Mifune said he needed to go back. Mirai asked the others wait at the restaurant. She wanted to talk to her brother in private.

"Everything will be okay…" Mirai told her brother confidently.

Mifune frowned. He didn't really want to say anything about Kobayashi's situation. Truthfully, because of that he feels a bit hesitant to go back so soon.

"I'm happy I was able to see you." Mifune said instead, and stopped. It was out before he had thought of what he was saying. He surprised himself. What he said was true, but this was the first time he ever said anything like that.

Mirai beamed at him. "Me, too." She said. And then she took his hand.

"Is it okay if we take a picture there?" She asked, pointing at one of the photo booths . "We don't have a picture together yet."

"Will that be alright?" Mifune asked, a bit surprised. "With you being an actress and all."

"It's just a machine, so I don't think we'll have any problems." She said, grinning.

"Okay then." Mifune said, smiling as well. He knew he was being very uncharacteristic right now, but he thought it really wasn't bad to be this way. Maybe this is how it is to be family… to be a brother.


Mirai was pleasantly surprised when she returned to Chloe's and saw Daichi in the garden, waiting for her.

She smiled and waved as she made her way to him.

Tentatively, it seems, he smiled back.

"What are you doing out here?" She asked him.

"I've finished eating." He said simply. "So, Mifune-senpai's gone?"

"Hai." Mirai said.

They walked together, going back inside.

Mirai looked at Daichi with curious eyes. She gave him a sad smile.

"You're another one who's not very happy…" She commented.

Daichi frowned. "I'm sorry Kobayashi involved you in this." He said hurriedly.

"I don't really mind." Mirai said sincerely. "Having friends is nice… It's the first time I feel like I'm needed." She confessed.

Daichi looked at her, surprised.

"Well, you know I'm homeschooled, so… Of course I have friends from the industry, but it's not like we can hang out whenever we want. We're all busy. I guess they're more like acquaintances, if you think about it… So helping Kobayashi-kun like this… It's something a friend would do, right? I've always depended on others, it's a good feeling having to be depended on for a change." She explained, beaming at Daichi.

Daichi nodded, smiling understandingly.

"Is this what you told Mifune-senpai?" He asked in a mild teasing voice. "It doesn't look like he's planning on checking up on you every day from today…"

Mirai laughed. "Yes. And no, he won't do that. He wasn't very happy, but I think he trusts you guys."

"Well, he is like a niichan to everyone of us since he's a senpai." Daichi said.

When they got back inside the room, Daichi's friend were all laughing from something Hyouzoka was saying. Mirai was somewhat relieved.

Daichi though, wasn't fooled. He noticed at once that Kobayashi wasn't joining the conversation and wasn't even looking at any one.

Mirai made her way to Suzuka. Suzuka was a bit surprised when she suddenly hugged her.

"Mirai?" She asked as other eyes went to them.

"Niichan said you invited him to your birthday." Mirai said, beaming at Suzuka. "Thanks."

Suzuka smiled back and shrugged.


"I'm sorry." Kobayashi said as they made their way to the van. He said it very softly, Mirai had first thought she imagined it.

"I'm getting a bit saying this but, it's fine." Mirai said, smiling. "I was happy when you told me about your situation… I'm glad I get to know you more."

Kobayashi blushed.

"I'm glad I told you." He told her, finally smiling.

Suzuka, who had been walking behind them watched them with mild curiosity.


Mirai looked up as Hyouzoka went out the bathroom dressed in her pajamas.

"Bathroom's free." She said, as she dry her hair with the towel. She blinked when she saw only Mirai in the room. "Where's your cousin?" She asked. Mirai had already taken the bath before her. She offered to be last, but since Suzuka's phone rang and she excused herself.

"Library." Mirai said easily. "I guess she doesn't feel like taking a bath yet."

"Ah, sou…" She said, dropping the towel on the bed and picking up her comb.

Mirai watched as she made her way to the door.


"To the boys' room." Hyouzoka said with a shrug.

"Oh." Mirai just say.

Hyouzoka stopped when she was in front of the door.

"Wanna come?" She asked, not looking back at Mirai.

"Hai." Mirai said, smiling.


Suzuka frowned and closed the book she was reading. She just can't concentrate with all the noise coming from the next room.

She purses her lips when she heard her cousin's voice. She felt somewhat annoyed that she was with them once more. And it seems all that had happened earlier had been forgotten. She was sure it was Mirai's doing. Her cousin was just too nice and too optimistic, to the point of naivety. She had no doubt in her mind that Mirai convince everyone that everything would be okay. And they, being the simple-minded and carefree people that they are, would surely believe her.

Well, it is a good thing that her cousin is happy, but somewhat she still felt bothered. She was worried about that Kobayashi's issue, but there was something else.

She sighed as she heard another round of laughter. Their voices just annoy her.

Suzuka stood up and returned her book to the shelf. She had heard that Hyouzoka's voice as well so she decided she'll just take her bath then and then call it a night.


Hyouzoka had decided to go back to their room when she saw Mirai yawn. If what Daichi told them was true, the girl hadn't had a proper rest in a while. And though she wouldn't admit it to anyone else,  the girl was really starting to grow on her. And really, she had helped them out big time, letting them stay in her house for free, treating them to dinner, and touring them around (well, Daichi's family at least). She was a nice girl, and she didn't have many friends, and it was the least she could do.

She couldn’t even blame Daichi or any of the boys for liking her. She was just perfect.

She sighed as they made their way back. She knew she'd never match up to her. She was a nobody. Heck, her friends forget that she's actually a she sometimes. But it wasn't good to blame Mirai for all her insecurities.

Seriously, she's like sunshine and rainbows and everything good personified.

"Are we going somewhere tomorrow?" She asked as they entered their room. Suzuka was already asleep on her bed.

Mirai looked apologetic. "Would it be okay if we just stayed here just for tomorrow? My manager is demanding that I rest. After tomorrow, I'll be busy." She explained.

"It's cool." Hyouzoka said with a shrug. Actually, staying in this mansion was vacation enough.

"We can go to the beach…" Mirai said in ponder. "It's just a few minutes' walk from here."

Hyouzoka nodded. "Yeah, the boys would like that."

Mirai smiled.

"Well, night then." Hyouzoka said hurriedly, and climbed on Mirai's bed.

"Hai, good night." Mirai said, smiling fondly at Hyouzoka's form.


Mifune smiled as he read the mail he received.

'Niichan, oyasumi nasai.'

He typed a short replied and sent it.

He then locked his phone and a picture of him and his sister appeared as a screensaver.

Still with a smile on his face, he put down his phone and climbed on his bed.



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